Pool houses

Pool-houses are commonly used to provide permanent cover of a swimming pool whilst still connecting the space with the outdoors. Alternatively they are used as a summerhouse, or a place to house facilities, such as changing, shower and pump rooms for an outdoor pool.

When designing and building a pool house it is important to consider not only how it will look, but also how it will perform. The conditions of a pool house are very different to a normal garden room and air handling and heating are essential to eliminate condensation and ensure the room is comfortable. Glazing with silicone, and painting with the right specification paint is also essential to stop materials degrading over time.

It is preferable to have a semi-glazed, as opposed to a fully-glazed, roof as it makes it easier to maintain the proper climate-controlled environment inside; preventing condensation from building up on the glass and any potential cold spots.

Solar reflective glass lanterns and gables contain a sufficient amount of glass to illuminate the water and other specified areas, allowing views of the sky without excessive glare or too much solar heat gain. They also create a feeling of space, and a greater connection with the outdoors whilst swimming.

A garden room or orangery style building can lend itself very well to this form, having many sets of double opening doors or retractable sides. In the summer months, opening all the doors will allow the poolside space to be extended into the garden and make the most of your garden views.

An indoor swimming pool provides a private and exciting place to have fun with friends and family, as well as a personal space to exercise or relax in the comfort of your own home. The patio area outside of your pool house provides an ideal space whether entertaining guests or sunbathing in privacy.

Our expert designers are able to offer advice, help you to consider your requirements for the space, and guide you through the decision-making process.