Designer Katie



From an early age I have been drawn to art and design. This love grew within me and I went on to study Art and Design: Fashion Promotion at South East Essex College. Following on from college, I then obtained my BA (Hons) in Surface Design at University of the Arts London, where I specialised in pattern design for interiors. During this time, I discovered a love for ceramics and often spend my free time designing and creating pieces for interiors and accessories. I joined Westbury in 2015, initially as an illustrator and then gradually building on my knowledge to progress into my current role as a Designer.

Here at Westbury on a day to day basis, I am able to review and contribute to the development of an idea, perhaps initially conceived through a discussion. This then grows into a rough sketch on paper, progresses into a carefully considered design, and is then masterfully created by our craftsmen into a stunning addition to someone’s home. Westbury create some of the most beautiful garden rooms available, and I feel privileged to be a part of their professional team.

In our industry, designers can become so wrapped up in the appearance of an extension that the function becomes less important. For me, these elements come hand in hand. Design is intrinsically about balance, a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Working closely with my clients allows me to understand them on a more personal level, ascertain how their home currently works, and then recognise ways in which we can enhance this. At Westbury we pride ourselves on the creation of rooms that are architecturally correct in relation to your existing property, whilst also being distinctive enough to feel individual and unique to each home.