Designer Jonathan



I founded the company in 1989 following a personal project of mine to build a conservatory for my mother. As a self-taught builder with practical experience and a keen interest in design I already had a strong basis for understanding structures and decided to specialise in the design and build of “Westbury” garden rooms.

My aim when designing is always to get the most from the customer’s home. I am honest (very!) because I want it to work for you. Considering the flow from house to garden room, and the usability of the space all year round is paramount for me. For that reason, I tend to lean towards designing semi-glazed buildings rather than fully glazed conservatories order hydrocodone online from canada though there is no doubt such elegant structures still have their place.

The end result – which often completely changes how the owners use their home – is what I love the most.

I have often been green with envy when admiring the designs of others and have been very sad to see both Marston & Langinger and Town & Country disappear in recent years – I had looked to them both for inspiration. I am an innovator and am always open to new design ideas, so myself and the other designers at Westbury we have continued to work hard together to refine our designs and create even more beautiful architecture.