Orangeries were once a symbol of prestige, built on to the residences of the very wealthy in a bid to protect their fruit trees during the colder months. The combination of timber, glass and masonry gives a sense of grandeur and the glazed lantern built into a flat roof is a real showpiece, providing unparalleled natural light and sky views.

Though their sense of luxury remains, the function of such spaces has changed plenty since the 17th century. Whilst some are still used for their original purpose, most residential orangeries are built to provide a fantastic setting for living or dining in.

An orangery extension will be specifically designed to harmonise with your building, picking up subtleties of the window design from the original building in order produce a classic design that will not date.

There is no mistaking the quality of design from Westbury. Stylish and functional, the modern orangery makes a beautiful and versatile room. Giving shade in the summer and warmth in the winter, an orangery is an ‘all year round’ space that never fails to provide the ‘wow’ factor.

Careful choice of colour from Westbury’s own paint range is also essential. Often a subtle two-tone scheme is used for the joinery and main structural framework which can add depth, dimension and an increased sense of opulence to the final building.

Our expert designers are able to offer advice and guide you through the decision-making process so that the result is a stunning and practical space that perfectly suits your requirements.