Sandringham Velvet
Sandringham Limestone Velvet Floor Tiles
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Sandringham Velvet

Suitable for Interior Floors

This is a dual-toned stone, with light beige and deeper fawn colours blending together in swirls and patterns. This creates a striking and bold pattern when laid, making it a particularly eye-catching material to use in larger rooms where the full effect can be seen.

Stone: Limestone

A sedimentary stone that will often feature beautiful fossil and shell patterns, resulting in a truly unique floor. Limestone is available in a wide range of colours, from creams and yellows to dark greys and blacks, making it easy for you to choose a natural material that will perfectly suit your interiors.

Finish: Velvet

The surface of this stone is first sand-blasted to create a traditional, highly textured surface – however it then undertakes the Satin process, giving it a tactile and velvety feel. This finish works well in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Format                Thickness      £m2+VAT

30cm x Random       2.0cm               £108.00
40cm x Random       2.0cm               £108.00
50cm x Random       2.0cm               £108.00

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Sandringham Limestone Velvet