Regis Blue Satino
Regis Blue Limestone Satino Stone Floor Tile Regis Blue Limestone Satino Stone Floor
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Regis Blue Satino

Suitable for Interior Floors

This hard limestone has a particularly eye-catching and varied pattern of natural markings, veins and imprints. Colour tones range from steel grey to putty, bringing a wonderful palette to any interior scheme. This is an ideal option for larger spaces, which lets the stone show off its natural beauty.

Stone: Limestone

A sedimentary stone that will often feature beautiful fossil and shell patterns, resulting in a truly unique floor. Limestone is available in a wide range of colours, from creams and yellows to dark greys and blacks, making it easy for you to choose a natural material that will perfectly suit your interiors.

Finish: Satino

This stone has been treated with a technique that brushes the surface under high pressures, which uncovers the stone’s natural character. This adds an extra dimension to the look of these stone flags, which have predominantly straight edges but with some rounding.

Format              Thickness      £m2+VAT

60 x Random        2cm                  £105.00

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Regis Blue Limestone Satino