Pepworth Honed
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Pepworth Honed

Suitable for Interior Floors

This is the perfect neutral stone that will blend in with any interior style. A light beige stone with a dappling of ivory and taupe marks, it’s a favourite with interior designers and home owners alike.

Stone: Limestone

A sedimentary stone that will often feature beautiful fossil and shell patterns, resulting in a truly unique floor. Limestone is available in a wide range of colours, from creams and yellows to dark greys and blacks, making it easy for you to choose a natural material that will perfectly suit your interiors.

Finish: Honed

This stone has a smooth finish and a low sheen, with some texture on the surface. The edges have been diamond sawn, creating neat and straight lines with some natural imperfections which will blend into the stone once grouted for a truly natural effect.

Format               Thickness        £m2+VAT

40 x 60cm             1.2cm                 £72.00
60 x 60cm             1.5cm                 £77.00

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Pepworth Limestone Honed