Medieval Mâcon Weathered
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Medieval Mâcon Weathered

Suitable for Interior Floors

This is a striking stone, with a gnarled and time-worn appearance. With a mix of beautiful light to mid-steel greys along with some warmer tones, this is virtually indistinguishable from reclaimed stone and will look perfect in country kitchens or rustic period homes.

Stone: Limestone

A sedimentary stone that will often feature beautiful fossil and shell patterns, resulting in a truly unique floor. Limestone is available in a wide range of colours, from creams and yellows to dark greys and blacks, making it easy for you to choose a natural material that will perfectly suit your interiors.

Finish: Weathered

With hand-chipped edges and an open grain surface, weathered stone is cleverly made to look old and worn, just like authentic reclaimed stone. It looks like it could have been walked on for hundreds of years, bringing a rustic character to period and country properties alike.

Format                Thickness      £m2+VAT

30cm x Random      2.0cm               £165.00
40cm x Random      2.0cm               £165.00
50cm x Random      2.0cm               £165.00
60cm x Random      2.0cm               £176.00

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Medieval Mâcon Limestone Weathered