Lymington Fair Tumbled
Lymington-Fair-Limestone-Tumbled-stone-floor-tiles Orangery with Lymington-Fair-Limestone-Tumbled-Stone-Floor-Tiles Lymington-Fair-Limestone-Tumbled-Stone-Floor-Tile
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Lymington Fair Tumbled

Suitable for Interior Floors

A light-coloured limestone with an elegant, natural pattern of beige, creams and light greys. This elegant, fine-grained stone maintains a grand air, and perfectly suits a range of interior styles.

Stone: Limestone

A sedimentary stone that will often feature beautiful fossil and shell patterns, resulting in a truly unique floor. Limestone is available in a wide range of colours, from creams and yellows to dark greys and blacks, making it easy for you to choose a natural material that will perfectly suit your interiors.

Finish: Tumbled

Tumbling is a technique that gives a softer, worn look to your flooring. The stones are rotated together with pebbles in a turning vat, which helps to blunt and smooth the slab’s straight edges, much like pebbles naturally do on a beach.

Format               Thickness        £m2+VAT

60 x Random               1.5cm                 £88.00
Dutch pattern              1.5cm                 £88.00

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Lymington Fair Limestone Tumbled