Limoges Matt
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Limoges Matt

Suitable for Interior Floors

This is a great porcelain alternative to the famous French Barr limestone, which is difficult to source in reclaimed form nowadays. This tile has a highly-varied pattern, which works well in bigger spaces. It is smooth and flat which makes it easy to clean, but it does still have the lightly chipped edges usually found in authentic natural stone.

Material: Porcelain

Now a popular alternative to natural stone, man-made porcelain tiles are known for being tough and durable. There are no limits to the different colours and patterns available – porcelain can perfectly replicate sandstone and limestone, or it can look very unusual and unique – the choice is yours. Porcelain tiles are consistent in performance and pattern while being lightweight and strong.

Finish: Matt

The finish of this strong and durable material has a low sheen, with a medium texture on the surface.

Format              Thickness     £m2+VAT

60.4 x 90.6cm        1cm                £66.00

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Limoges Porcelain Matt