Encaustic Patchwork Satin
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Encaustic Patchwork Satin

Suitable for Interior Floors

Embrace bold patterns into your home with a striking patchwork floor. Combined totally at random, this collection of tiles will create a show stopping feature that will be completely unique to your home.

Material: Encaustic

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles in which the pattern or figure on the surface is not a product of the glaze but of different colours of clay. They are compiled of usually of  between two and six colours.

Finish: Satin

The finish of this strong and durable material has a low sheen, with a smooth texture on the surface.

Format          Thickness     £+VAT

20 x 20cm        1.6 cm            £3.50 Each
25 tiles per square metre. Sold in boxes of 12

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Encaustic Patchwork Satin