British Terracotta Square Reclaimed
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British Terracotta Square Reclaimed

Suitable for Interior Floors

These reclaimed terracotta tiles are carefully sourced from all over Europe. They are at least 100 years old and just get better with age. Each batch of authentic reclaimed stone varies in size and tone, so your finished floor will be completely unique.

Stone: Terracotta

A clay-like earthenware ceramic that can be either glazed or unglazed.

Finish: Reclaimed

Quality terracotta takes on a rustic and homely appearance over time, making it an ideal reclaimed material to use in your home. After being gently worn and weathered from years of use, these durable tiles have a truly timeless appeal. Reclaimed terracotta is a beautiful, sustainable material that will bring character and intrigue to your interiors.

Format       Thickness      £m2+VAT

16 x 16cm     2.0 – 2.5cm        £77.00

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British Terracotta Square Reclaimed