The traditional fully glazed conservatory reflects back to the Victorian era and has a well-deserved position in British architectural history. A product of our love of gardening and advances in heating and glass technologies, homeowners delighted in building rooms dedicated to nurturing exotic plants and even animals.

Nowadays, they are seldom used for this purpose, though they can still create a romantic space from which to connect with nature. More often, they serve as a formal dining area or occasional sitting room from which to enjoy stunning views of the garden. Coupled with the right building and situation, a conservatory is a perfect choice to blur the line between garden and home.

Timber conservatories do not have to be plain by design. In fact lanterns, eves and coloured glass can be incorporated into their design to add style, flair and architectural interest. The vaulted glass ceilings and sense of space can be magnificent and stylish.

The framework most definitely does not have to be white. In fact, we recommend using at least off-white to reduce glare and add depth to the mouldings, and encourage a different coloured exterior to suit your home.

Our expert designers are able to offer advice and guide you through the decision-making process.