Timber & Glass Pool House

This striking pool house design sits proudly within the impressive walled garden.

Removing a sub-standard pool house allowed us to install a new heating and cooling system around the glass roof. With no hanging obstructions, the interior space is clear and light.

Wide opening doors allow a cool breeze into the room while you swim. And up-to-the-minute insulation coupled with an efficient heating system means you can swim in comfort whilst snow sits on the ground outside, the glass roof lantern and sides optimising the feeling of outdoors.  

The details

Colour – Portland Stone
Size – 9.67 x 12.45m
Lantern – 9.2m x 4.7m

We recommend Westbury on a regular basis. Jonathan, your MD, recommended a local cabinet maker, it’s wonderful that he was helping local businesses. We are so pleased we took your advice!

Mrs Toal