From Dated Conservatory to Modern Orangery

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Our clients, a busy couple with a young family, have a passion for contemporary design and nature. After purchasing this stunning country residence with an ageing and outdated UPVC conservatory, they decided that the house needed a complete overhaul. The desire for a more stylish and versatile space led them to embark on a renovation project to replace their old conservatory with a modern, black timber orangery that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with a connection to the outdoors.

Client’s Objectives

1. To create a modern and visually striking orangery that complements the style of the adjoining property.

2. Utilise sustainable and durable materials, with a preference for natural wood to create an eco-friendly and timeless design.

3. Design an open and airy space that allows ample natural light and offers a seamless connection with the surrounding garden.

4. Incorporate energy-efficient features to improve thermal performance and reduce energy consumption.

5. Ensure the orangery’s functionality for year-round use, accommodating various activities and acting as a multi-functional space for cooking, eating and relaxing.

Designing and Planning Requirements

Architectural Integration: Achieving a design that effortlessly merges the modern black wooden orangery with the home’s existing architecture, preserving its character.

Energy Efficiency: Implementing energy-efficient solar glazing and insulation to ensure optimal thermal performance and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Durability and Maintenance: Selecting the correct type of wood and protective finishes to ensure the orangery’s longevity and minimize maintenance requirements. At Westbury we use Accoya Wood, the most stable and durable wood that is available.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that the new orangery design adheres to local building regulations and obtaining the necessary permits for construction.

 The Design Process

The design process involved close collaboration between us, the clients, and their chosen architects to capture their vision. The new orangery, finished in a striking Westbury Black shade, was designed with clean lines and minimalistic features, integrating the sleek black wooden frames with large, energy-efficient glazing panels to optimize natural light and provide unobstructed views of the garden. Ventilation is provided by three sets of French doors and automatic opening vents integrated into two large roof lanterns.

The New Orangery

As the heart of the home, the new orangery serves as an open-plan kitchen, diner, and lounge area for the family. The spacious and well-lit interior provides the perfect setting for the family to come together and enjoy their daily meals, share quality time, and entertain guests with ease.

The modern kitchen, featuring state-of-the-art appliances and elegant cabinetry, allows the homeowners to prepare meals while remaining engaged with family activities. The large dining table positioned perfectly under one of the two roof lanterns, serves as a gathering spot for family dinners and celebrations, enhancing the sense of togetherness.

Comfortable seating areas, adorned with plush furniture and cosy textiles, create a warm and inviting lounge area where the family could unwind, read books, or watch movies together.

A room for all seasons

This modern black wooden orangery caters to the family’s needs and preferences throughout the seasons, providing a comfortable environment regardless of the weather outside. The energy-efficient glazing and well-insulated structure maintain a pleasant temperature inside, creating an enjoyable space even during the coldest winters or hottest summers.

A dream come true

The transformation from an old conservatory to a modern black wooden orangery proved to be a resounding success for this property. Not only did they achieve their vision of a contemporary and visually striking space, but they also fulfilled their dream of having a versatile area that brings their family together.

The successful completion of this orangery project stands as a testament to how thoughtful design, sustainable materials, and a focus on functionality can create a space that not only enhances a home’s aesthetics but also elevates its role as a nurturing and welcoming sanctuary for the entire family.

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Internal & External Orangery Colour: Westbury Black
Internal Lantern Colour: Westbury White

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Westbury Garden Rooms Case Study From Dated Conservatory to Modern Orangery