View of orangery, in the evening with swimming pool in front

Contemporary Orangery in Cheshire

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The soft and rounded lines of this 16th century rendered building are a thing of beauty, and are complemented by the soft, straight lines of a Garden Room which adds contrast, to the aesthetic whilst retaining its original character. This modern living space has brought new light and new dimension to this manor house; allowing much-needed natural sunlight to flood in. Sympathetically designed architecture has helped to blend the opposing styles in play here, whilst being considerate to the building’s heritage. Set directly off from the kitchen the charming view of a Westbury green house is nestled directly behind the pool.

  • It is coming up to three years since we first approached you to advise on the garden room and throughout we have been impressed by the professionalism of the Westbury team.

    Mr & Mrs Sanders
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Westbury Garden Rooms Case Study Contemporary Orangery