A Bespoke Orangery with Luxurious Cocktail Bar

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A space to relax, entertain and celebrate everything in life. Our clients sought our help to design and build the perfect evening retreat.

Having designed and manufactured another cosy orangery for this client – an open plan living and dining space with a fireplace – they sought our advice a second time to replace their existing conservatory with another beautifully crafted orangery.

The existing conservatory wasn’t ideal for daily use. The space spent most of its time with its blinds down, covering the stunning garden views and blocking most of the soft natural light. This was due to the room becoming too hot in the summer and feeling extremely cold over the winter. So, we included our solar reflective glass across the building to ensure that the room wouldn’t suffer from excessive heat build-up. In addition, we included two automatic thermostatic roof vents in the roof lantern to provide ventilation throughout the day. As evening draws in the room now remains welcoming and comfortable. Similarly, our Argon-filled glazing boasts low U-Values, making them highly energy-efficient and insulating during the winter months.

Whilst removing the existing conservatory we specified that a course of bricks would be removed from the dwarf walls. Creating a better proportion that made the structure appear architecturally balanced a more pleasing to the eye. A small detail that visually helps to make all the difference.

In addition to maintaining the existing dwarf wall, we were asked to preserve the beautiful stone flooring that ran through several areas of the downstairs living space. As a standard practice, we aim to make our process as unintrusive as possible. Fully finishing our joinery and delivering everything in a single trip (where possible). Which means we were able to easily protect the flooring.

Aside from the elegant joinery, painted in the Westbury shade ‘Birch’, and ample natural light from the large proportion of glazing; a huge draw to this space is the theatrically lit cocktail bar. Framed by a pristine white all and marble work surface, the bar becomes a real focal point within the room, with all seating directed towards its glow.

Our clients now have the evening retreat of their dreams, and we are humbled to have been invited back and make it a reality for them.

External & Internal colour: Birch

  • True to their word, Westbury were super efficient and all-encompassing in their organisation at every stage

    Mrs. G
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