A countryside orangery extension full of character

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Set comfortably in the Northamptonshire countryside, this family home oozes character with the addition of a Westbury Orangery. Transforming the southwest aspect of the building with its two sides of joinery, the orangery has been finished externally in the shade ‘Westbury Grey’. Perfectly complementing the existing window frames and rich Grey colour from the roof tiles. Internally the doors and windows have been painted in the shade ‘Wash White’ to reflect the homeowners light and airy interior style.

These two shades are carried through seamlessly into the kitchen space which has been fitted with beautifully dark charcoal grey cabinetry, which sings under the natural light that is now bursting through. Topped with a contrasting, bright, white countertop to tie it all together and create a continuity that carries throughout the new orangery space.

Inside a large opening has been created in the place where the old doors used to sit. Revealing a large open-plan living and dining area off the back of the kitchen. The original external doors on the southeast aspect now provide a connection between the two buildings for an uninterrupted flow between spaces.

The addition of a timber roof lantern creates a distant focal point from the kitchen that draws you into the dining and living space beneath and fills the room with ample natural light. Whilst the two air vents and solar reflective glass units ensure that the room remains a cool and comfortable temperature throughout the summer months.

The bounds of natural light highlight the phenomenal unrendered brickwork of the structural wall that was previously the external wall. Showcasing the rugged raw materials and allowing them to become a beautiful design feature within the room, with understated adjacent walls that have been finished in a pristine white that is reminiscent of a white cube gallery space.

Placed centrally on the longest wall of the orangery and looking out to the garden, are two large double doors that invite you out onto a patio seating area. A space where the family are able to entertain and BBQ – Weather permitting. Creating a functional outdoor living space that previously did not exist.

The far end of the orangery has a large garden-style window that frames the brilliant rolling hills from the surrounding landscape. Opening wide to allow the orangery to be enjoyed as a hybrid space for indoor/outdoor living.

External Joinery Colour: Westbury Grey
Internal Joinery Colour: Wash White

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