A Classically Styled Orangery in the Surrey Countryside

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Located in the Surrey countryside is this classically styled orangery. Belonging to a client who sought our advice on how they can create an elegant living space, connected to the kitchen. The perfect room for informal entertaining, listen and play music, or read a book and enjoy a peaceful weekend.

Previously the home wasn’t very generous on available living space and the flow between rooms was less than ideal; A single lounge to the south side of the property that was a short walk from the kitchen, located on the opposite side of the home.

Our first port of call was to improve the flow between these living spaces. By utilising the existing doorway that led from the kitchen to the garden patio, we designed the entrance to the new orangery. Our clients wanted to ensure that their kitchen would also benefit from ample natural light, as this new extension would mean that the only window to the room would be lost along the partitioning wall. So, the existing window opening was transformed into a passe-plat or serving hole. This allowed us to ensure that all the brilliant, natural light flowing through the roof lantern and large windows of the orangery, would also spill through the opening and illuminate the kitchen.

Of the two sides of joinery we supplied, one of them included elegant French doors that opened out to the existing patio area. Welcoming all to the grand multi-levelled garden. The third wall was built using bricks to match those from the existing building. Cleverly concealing a short alley that led to a Garden store, whilst also providing the opportunity for a gallery wall internally. Adjacent to the orangery, we removed the existing bay area and introduced a small extension to match the timeless style of the orangery and provide a more usable and well-balanced dining room.

To ensure that these new additions would sit comfortably against the house and maintain continuity, we carried the architectural entablature across the entire west elevation. Blending them seamlessly into the property and completely modernising the rear of the home. The original extruded brickwork detailing that ran the length of the building, was also included in the brickwork of the new orangery. For further continuity, we replaced the lower portions of downpipes with our hoppers and downpipes finished in the same Upton White of the timber framework.

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