Westbury’s Picks – Burghley House, Leicestershire

Burghley House

The latest in our Westbury's Picks series

While orangeries were originally built to house and grow exotic plants and fruits, today they are more about enjoying the results of that labour in terms of delicious food and a dining experience to remember.

When designing and building Westbury orangeries we often look to the past for design influences, taking inspiration from beautiful buildings from around the country. Today we visit Burghley House in Leicestershire, one of the largest and grandest in the Elizabethan age.

It has been in the Cecil family for over 400 years and boasts a quarter of a mile of staterooms containing breath-taking painted ceilings by Antonio Verrio including his acclaimed buy hydrocodone next day delivery Heaven Room and Hell Staircase.

Burghley House Hell Staircase

The gardens and 2000-acre parkland were largely designed by Lancelot ‘Capabillity’ Brown in the eighteenth century and the parkland is open all year from dawn until dusk. The main visitor gardens at Burghley are the Gardens of Sunruse and the Sculpture Garden.

Without doubt the highlight of the visit is to the Orangery restaurant which is open daily from 10am to 5pm (excluding Fridays) and provides a more formal setting than the Garden Café. On offer is great home cooked and locally sourced food which makes for a wonderful end to a lovely visit.