Introducing Westbury stone floors

The striking beauty of natural stone is all-pervading in our new collection, a timeless and elegant range of limestone, sandstone, and porcelain floor tiles. Strong, durable, and robust; these quality materials are specifically suited for orangery and garden room extensions, bringing a classic style that will last for a lifetime. With a range of colours and textures available, you’re sure to find one that perfectly harmonises with the rest of your home…

When creating an extraordinary open-plan room, whether it’s an orangery extension, hallway or any other space, achieving a beautiful and relaxing interior requires quality décor that will harmonise with the rest of your home.

Our Burford Limestone Tumbled stone flooring beneath a stunning roof lantern

Burford Limestone Tumbled

Nothing else says ‘luxury’ quite like sturdy stone and porcelain tile floors, transforming the look and feel of any room by bringing natural colours and patterns to your interiors. Combine clean lines with neutral shades to encourage a bright and minimal space, or for a more unique option choose detailed patterns, rustic textures, and bold colour combinations for a striking look.

Garden room extensions create an open-plan space with a natural flow between your home and your garden. By using the same stone or porcelain materials for your interior floors as well as your outdoor patio, you can accentuate this flow and make everything feel like one big space as you throw open the doors during the summer.

Our Burford Limestone Tumbled stone flooring complements the lime green painted finish of this customer's kitchen island

Pepworth Limestone Honed

Alternatively, use contrasting colours and patterns to define different sections of the house and break up floor spaces that feel too large by giving each area an individual style.

Westbury stone floors

Be inspired by the versatility of these natural stone and porcelain materials, which can be used to create stunning feature areas and eye-catching schemes. We’ve put together a carefully curated flooring collection especially for our clients to include in their garden room and orangery extension, featuring the finest stone and porcelain tiles sourced from all over the world. Most are specifically for indoor use but the collection features tiles that can be used externally and in pool houses too.

 Natural stone flooring is the perfect choice for pool houses

Unlike wooden boards, carpet, or vinyl, these sturdy materials require minimal maintenance and will keep their fine finish for years to come. They feel cool and smooth underfoot during the warmer weather and effectively conduct heat through underfloor heating to keep things feeling toasty when the winter months draw in. Unrivalled quality speaks for itself, and many of these tiles have already been exceptionally popular with our previous clients.  

Lullington Limestone Honed stone flooring offers a sleek finish to this contemporary kitchen

Lullington Limestone Honed

Using different masonry techniques, the tiles are finished with a range of different textures, depending on what best suits each material in terms of style and functionality. Depending on the style you want to create, choose from Tumbled, Matt, Velvet, Seasoned, Honed, Distressed, Weathered, Satino, Satin and Reclaimed surfaces.

Agean Limestone Tumbled stone flooring reflects the natural light pouring into this garden room extension

Agean Limestone Tumbled

Our garden rooms are built to last, and we strive to use materials of a superior quality in every aspect of our designs. With a wide range of tones and finishes available, our new stone floors will suit any purpose or style…


In days gone by, limestone floors used to be a rare feature reserved for mansions and grand country estates. Now it’s an accessible material that everyone can enjoy in their homes.

Honey coloured Hazelbury Limestone Tumbled stone flooring brings a warmth to this beautiful kitchen extension

Hazelbury Limestone Tumbled

As a sedimentary stone it often features natural fossil and shell patterns, resulting in a truly unique pattern of charming shapes and markings scattered across your tiled floor. Limestone is available in a range of colours from creams and yellows to charcoal greys and blacks, meaning it will match with any interior style.  


Rustic and textured, sandstone has a naturally riven surface, meaning the stone can be easily split to reveal beautiful indentations and grooves.

Kentish Ragstone Sandstone Tumbled is a tough and durable sedimentary stone that will often have distinctive swirls and blushes of colour

Kentish Ragstone Sandstone Tumbled

Formed from sand-sized grains, this classic material is a tough and durable sedimentary stone that will often have distinctive swirls and blushes of colour.


A highly popular material, man-made porcelain tiles are known for being a lightweight alternative to natural stone. There are no limits to the different colours and patterns available – porcelain can perfectly replicate sandstone and limestone, or it can be made to look just like superior timber floorboards depending on the style you want to achieve.

Lulworth Fair Porcelain Matt flooring - man-made porcelain tiles are known for being a lightweight alternative to natural stone.

Lulworth Fair Porcelain Matt

Unlike stone which features naturally occurring markings and colour tones, porcelain tiles have a more consistent pattern while still being incredibly durable and strong.

Limoges Porcelain stone flooring in a large open garden room extension

Limoges Porcelain

The natural beauty of these products is best appreciated when viewed up close, so you can see the fine textures and tones of colour for yourself in the natural light. Our range of stone and porcelain tiles are on display at our Essex showroom where our team of designers are on hand to discuss your requirements in more detail. Contact us for more information and arrange a visit.