Westbury Garden Rooms introduces new colour range

A fabulous new paint range for your extension

It’s important to choose the right paint colour for your garden room and that’s why our colour chart will help inspire your decision.

There’s a common misconception that the paintwork on a large timber structure requires a lot of maintenance – but that is not the case! Westbury are happy to undertake the final decoration after we have applied two base coats of microporous water-based paints at our workshop. The benefit of our paint system is that it biodegrades over time, needing simply one thick coat to make it as good as new.

Paint is there to protect your building and is an integral part of the construction as well as the aesthetics. Our water-based paints have an incredible life span and no re-painting is required for up to 10 years. To keep it looking its very best we recommend every 6 years and we are happy to undertake the task for you

If you would like a colour card then please call 01245 326500 for Garden Rooms, or 01245 326510 for Windows and Doors.