Westbury core values – maintaining excellence in an age of mediocrity

With our workforce in excess of 70 and rising, each and every member is pivotal in maintaining our standards of excellence.

In an age where it is all too easy to digitally process customers, we think that the personal touch is more important than ever and that anyone interacting with our staff will quickly get a sense of the kind of people we are and what the company is all about.

It is for this reason that we have chosen the following core values at Westbury:

We are people people

  • We celebrate the family spirit that Westbury was founded upon
  • We are a friendly, enthusiastic and positive team
  • We are committed to each other, our customers and the business
  • We add value to people’s lifestyle through glass architecture

We aim high

  • We have very high standards and we know how to achieve them
  • We understand that delivering high quality products takes effort
  • We work consistently and effectively to manufacture the best and nothing less
  • We are determined and tenacious in our quest for success

We give a damn

  • We apply care & attention so that we get things right for our customers, community and environment
  • We focus on high quality, low maintenance and sustainability so that all parties benefit
  • We are passionate about what we do and constantly seek to develop ourselves and our product
  • We do things the way we do because it matters

We do the right thing

  • We encourage a culture of honesty and candour, realistic expectations and transparency in all actions
  • We make decisions based on fact, experience, and the consequences that may follow
  • We speak up, whether that is to challenge the status quo or to ask for help when its needed
  • We are always willing to learn and understand more so that we can remain ahead of the game

These are the common traits that we at Westbury carry in our day-to-day lives, and when recruiting at Westbury we seek those people whose values match our own. We find that these core values ensure that customers get a consistency in their experience and their products that is nothing short of excellent.

This is reflected in the testimonials that we receive for our work.

“All of the tradesmen employed by Westbury seemed to care about delivering a quality product and were always pleasant to deal with.”

“Mark Jones was the initial reason we chose Westbury but all the people we met were equally as good and professional.”

“I feel with Westbury it’s not just a business – the attention to detail makes it personal.”

“Andy Butler and his team are utter utter superstars. We couldn’t have done it without Andy. He needs cloning x100 for the world to be a better place! So easy to work with, professional, knowledgeable and lovely. Pure joy!”

“We have used several building companies to renovate our house and regard Westbury as the best we’ve dealt with. Sally Haynes, in particular, was exceptional. She never made us feel like we were being a bother. She was quick to respond and very thorough, always very pleasant. The electrician and plumber were also very helpful (Glen and Simon, I believe). But each decorator and builder who we came into contact with was polite, efficient and helpful.”

Workers at Westbury are highly qualified and supported in their growth journey. As part of upholding the same high standards and personal feel in the face of a rapidly growing workforce we work closely with Investors in People, and have recently achieved Silver Accreditation – the hallmark of an outstanding place to work.  With outstanding people comes outstanding service and this is the keystone to what sets Westbury apart from the rest.