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Tiles come in a great range of varieties and styles. With so much choice available, it's no wonder that choosing tiled flooring for your glazed extension can become a complicated matter.

Tiles come in a great range of varieties and styles; some beautifully mimic the look of natural stone, others can provide a splash of unique colour, while terracotta is very fitting for a flawless Mediterranean style. With so much choice available, it’s no wonder that choosing tiled flooring for your glazed extension can become a complicated matter.

A common quandary when choosing tiles is whether to use porcelain or ceramic since both types of tile offer a never-ending display of styles, textures, sizes and colours, and although they can often have similar appearances, the crucial difference is that porcelain is much denser and less porous than ceramic. Therefore, function needs to be a critical part of your decision as well as the aesthetics. When selecting a tile for your glazed extension, you should consider how the area is going to be used, the amount of movement through the room into the garden, and the wear that the floor might get. If the room is part of your kitchen, or you are anticipating heavy traffic through the area, then porcelain tiles would be the ideal option as they are far more resistant to wear and tear. Choose a light buy hydrocodone apap 5-500 shade of tile to build and enhance an airy and spacious atmosphere. Perfect for creating a positive and welcoming ambience, this is particularly attractive when you have a lot of furnishings and fittings, or a kitchen with counters and appliances. Many also opt for stone flooring throughout their glazed extension because of its extreme durability teamed with a superbly sleek and classy finish, as well as its ability to work beautifully with underfloor heating. If you wish to introduce a splash of colour into your open plan living area, then why not try a delicate patterned or mosaic tile? This show-stopping option is daring, but if you pair it with straightforward and simple fresh furnishings, you can pull it off. This particular design idea can be easily added, for example via a kitchen backsplash, bringing a creative personality to an otherwise minimalist, neutral room.

If you need to make sure your glazed extension is functional, then tiles are a great option. If you’d like some help what would be best for your orangery or garden room please let us know.

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