We Love… Roof Lanterns

Lovely roof lantern

In our regular feature, 'We Love... Wednesdays' we take a look at great designs and styles. This month we look at roof lanterns and how they bring natural light into the home.

As we begin to put the coldest months behind us, people are welcoming the longer days and the prolonged exposure to natural light that spring and summer bring. Whilst temperatures may not be soaring quite yet, homeowners are certainly starting to fling open windows and encourage natural light into their homes – it is without doubt that people gravitate towards light, bright and airy spaces as they naturally have a ‘feel good’ ambience.

For this reason, roof lanterns have become extremely popular – they are the ideal solution for getting natural sunlight into a space. Most often placed within a garden room or orangery, a roof lantern lets in the maximum amount of light, making the room feel bright, spacious and a lovely space to spend the lighter mornings and evenings alike.

Relaxing in an extension with a roof lantern

If a big glazed extension is not an option however, roof lanterns can be used on their own. In homes where space to extend is at a premium – perhaps in a built up area – a roof lantern is the ideal option for giving access to sunlight. Equally, homes which experience a lot of shade because they are oriented in such a way that they do not benefit from early morning, evening or consistent daytime light, will benefit greatly from a roof lantern which lets the light in from above.

Maximising the amount of natural light in a space also has a positive impact on energy usage and finances, as fewer artificial lights are needed than in smaller, darker spaces. However the benefits of roof lanterns go much further than this. Natural sunlight helps improves your body’s immune system and is a fantastic source of Vitamin D, which is vital for maintaining a healthy metabolism, bones and muscles. Not only does a roof lantern provide access to plenty of health boosting natural light, it also allows you to open up your kitchen to the natural world and create the feeling of dining outside – perfect with the summer just around the corner and the promise of BBQs and garden parties aplenty.

Lovely roof lantern

Roof lanterns offer a huge range of benefits to yourself and your home. Whether you’re looking to reduce your electricity usage, stay at the forefront of cutting-edge design, turn an ordinary space into an architectural masterpiece, or become the talk of the town, a roof lantern should be at the top of your list.

To find out how you might be able to incorporate a roof lantern into your home, get in touch to talk to to one of our designers.