We Love… Bronze

bronze palette

This month we look at the latest trend - bronze - and how you can incorporate it into your home decor.

As predicted in our Home Trends Report, we predicted that bronze would be a hit in homes this year – and now it’s everywhere! It might seem like a bold colour and material to use in most rooms, but there are several ways in which you can use bronze to complement your interior decor. Take a look at our Pinterest board for some some inspiration on how you can incorporate bronze in to your home:


Using bronze for lighting is a neat way to add a metallic highlight to a room without it being too overpowering. In kitchens, bronze pendant lighting over an island or work surface works well, drawing the eye to it, and highlighting the table area as the main focus of the room. In addition, the metal interior reflects light better than other materials; a benefit for diners.

In other rooms, pendant lighting might not be suitable, but there are still ways bronze lighting can be incorporated. Bronze wall lights can be very subtle, whilst adding important ambience to the room, as the bronze gives warm tones of colour to the light. Up lights produce a nice atmosphere, or for more light opt for those which allow light to shine out the top and bottom.


It’s often said that the devil is in the detail, and bronze taps are certainly evidence of the details having been thought through. With an air of class, bronze taps are a very subtle way to add bronze highlights to a kitchen or bathroom.

Bronze taps are really versatile; set over a butler sink, they will complement a traditional or farmhouse look, and give it a ‘rustic’ feel. Alternatively, paired with a contemporary or minimalist scheme, the metallic tap will add a modern feel and an element of the industrial look which is very on trend.


Home accessories can be a great way to revamp a room buy hydrocodone mexican pharmacy without having to totally redecorate. Adding bronze touches such as candlesticks, picture frames, vases and ornaments will provide charming metallic highlights to the room in an easy and affordable way. In addition, metallics such as bronze, and most metallic colours, will go with almost any colour palette.


A key element of ‘industrial’ styling, metallic shelving is a bold look that might not be to everyone’s taste, but looks stunning in the right setting. It calls for shelves to be open to the room, so best suited to tidy households or areas/rooms where shelving and the objects placed on it are decorative purpose rather than functional. An exception to this however is in kitchens, as metal is easy to clean and hard wearing.


If bronze shelving is a step too far, then consider having open shelving in your kitchen and displaying copper pans, pots and other utensils. Much like the look of a working or commercial kitchen, similarly, bronze ladles and spoons can be hung from pipes or rails. This has the functional advantage of ensuring everything you need for cooking is to hand as well!

Another thing to consider with bronze is the texture; shiny metallic surfaces may look amazing, but will show marks easily and need cleaning often. Therefore it might be best suited to ornaments and decorative elements, rather than highly functional elements. Matte or brushed bronze won’t mark as easily, but doesn’t have the impact of a bright, shiny metallic highlight and won’t reflect light as well.

If you’ve stayed away from using bronze and other metallics in your decoration or revamp projects, these are all great ways to use a trend that is too bold to centre a theme around. Consider each elements of the room; sometimes the most mundane or functional object can be given a glam makeover.