We Love… Beautiful Kitchens: kitchen appliances for garden rooms

It is important to consider how the essential items, kitchen appliances, will integrate with your interiors and lifestyle requirements.

A new garden room or glazed extension is the perfect place to relocate a new kitchen to; a garden room is a very light, spacious and welcoming area within the home, and it’s no wonder that many people gravitate towards it.

Combined with being the ‘heart of the home’ – where families spend a lot of their time together, and where friends usually congregate – it’s clear to see why many people choose to relocate their kitchen into a new glazed extension.

Whilst you may have clear ideas about decor and a wishlist for soft furnishings and accessories, it is important to consider how the essential items – kitchen appliances – will integrate with your interior design and lifestyle requirements.

With perhaps a larger kitchen space than before, an American-style fridge-freezer or a range cooker could fit well, as they won’t overpower the room. These appliances are often high-end, incorporating the functionality found in professional appliances used by chefs in commercial kitchens. This means that now even at home you can benefit from top-notch technology making the most of your meals.

With many garden rooms being used for entertaining friends and family foremost, another appliance you might consider is a standalone wine cooler, which can keep red, rose and white wine all at the optimum temperature. These can also be located near to the dining area, for ultimate convenience.

In terms of matching appliances with decor, larger american style fridge-freezers and range ovens lend themselves to contemporary styles due to their sharp edges and stainless steel or glass exterior. Alternatively, in a kitchen with lots of clean lines often curved edges and rounded corners often work, contrasting a soft and sharp styles. If this sounds more your style then retro/vintage style freestanding models, which really stand out, would be top of the list. Most makes are also available in a variety of colours, making them a true focal point.

If you have a unique style or prefer a seamless look, integrated models might be the way to go. Designed to sit flush with your cabinets and have custom panels and handles attached so that they blend seamlessly with surrounding cupboards with no visible hinges or grilles, they give the kitchen a sleeker appearance. This is a great solution for styles like french farmhouse, which are highly stylised and characterised with traditional materials such as wood for cabinets. It will enable you to have the best of both worlds, with a high-end, contemporary appliance working seamlessly in a traditional setting.

Overall, whatever your choice of decor, you should not have to compromise on functionality. Whether you’re after a focal point or something which fits discreetly behind matching cabinet fronts, there’s something for everyone. It is imperative however that you make sure that your garden room kitchen works for your lifestyle.