31 Aug

Utilising furniture to create an open plan space

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Open plan living is becoming more and more popular with families and couples looking to create a social environment in their homes. A common interior style in Scandinavian countries, the process of integrating multiple rooms into one is a popular trend we’ve recently adopted in the UK and it shows no sign of slowing down. So where do you start with designing an open plan space yourself?

Scandi-style kitchen with island seating

Before any work begins, decide how your space needs to work for you and your lifestyle. From entertaining guests to enjoying family dinners, many activities take place in an open plan space so zoning off sections helps to clearly separate the different areas. These zones can be created by large rugs, a change of flooring or colour scheme but one of the most effective ways is to utilise your furniture.

Scandinavian inspired living room with rug

If you love to socialise, a living area placed adjacent to the kitchen is perfect as it allows you to socialise with guests whilst cooking and preparing drinks. To ensure there’s enough seating for social occasions, incorporate a mix of seating options including armchairs, sofas & dining chairs and place them in different areas of the room to create different zones; sofas in one corner for relaxation, dining chairs in another for dining and perhaps kitchen stools at an island for informal socialising or eating. Angling seating inwards towards each other will help retain the cosy atmosphere you’ll need for everyday living whilst providing ample seating in close proximity for large groups.

If you’re designing a living space for the family, consider using durable and family-friendly materials throughout such as stain-resistant upholstery and solid furnishings made which will stand up to children of all ages. Dedicate a corner of the home for the children and invest in storage boxes to house buy hydrocodone cough syrup their toys and games; they will be easily accessible for everyday play yet can be quickly stored away to keep the sense of spaciousness throughout.

Once you’ve determined the functional spaces that you require in the open area you’ll need to consider the paths of travel. An obvious choice is to place the dining table adjacent to the kitchen, but what will come next? Whether it’s a small play area for children, the living area or a study space, ensure there are obvious paths to walk through each area with ease.

The simplest way to create these wall-less corridors and retain the airy feel of open plan living is to invest in practical furniture that combines open shelving with hidden storage. Floor-to-ceiling furniture makes a perfect room divider and allows you to cleverly disguise everyday items to reduce clutter and allow light to flow throughout.

A top tip to encourage this flow of natural night is to combine your open plan space with an orangery or garden room. One of the simplest ways to bring the outdoors in, orangeries offer fabulous views and a wonderful sense of flow, especially in the summer months when the doors can be opened up.

Light and airy conservatory

Whether your space is small or large, there is no limit to design solutions for your open plan interior. By carefully considering your furniture configurations and choosing a unified colour scheme throughout, you can create a harmonious living area that is suitable for both couples and families alike.



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