Twitter complaints suggest conservatories too hot

thermometer picture

Tempers and temperatures rise

The conservatory is often the default choice for customers looking to extend their house. However, here at Westbury we are often advising customers that garden rooms or orangeries are better suited to the UK climate – which we know is unpredictable at the very best of times.

By looking at Twitter it seems that we are not alone. On the 24th May between the hours of 12-5pm there were over 99 mentions of people moaning about their conservatory being too hot to use, this equates to an average mention every three minutes! This reached a peak between 4pm – 5pm with a mention every 2 minutes! Not bad when you consider this is a week day and the vast buy hydrocodone online majority of home owners are still likely to be at work!

In particular people were recording their temperatures as high as 50 degrees inside – almost double compared to the outside temperature.

Westbury say: “The high density of glass in conservatories can make the temperatures soar in hot weather, often leaving them unusable in the height of summer. When you contrast this to an alternative extension such as a garden room which will typically feature a tiled roof or an orangery with a smaller roof lantern the temperatures are likely to be much more manageable meaning the room really can be enjoyed all year round regardless of the weather”.