Treacle’s Christmas Adventure

treacle the dog at Christmas

What does Treacle get up to at Christmas?

Of course Christmas is a very busy time of year for me. Alongside the daily duties of being the Company Hound here at Westbury there are lamp posts to sniff, balls to chase and mud puddles to roll around in. It’s not easy to stay on top of everything!
So for example, this week the marketing department got very excited about taking my picture. Several pieces of decorative head gear were brought in on Monday morning and people started trying them on. Now I can get as excited as the next canine about Christmas and I joined in woofing my support (or not) for various sets of reindeer antlers, glittery Christmas balls and mistletoe. It was only then I slowly realised that I was to be the star of the show!

Of course – a hound’s got to do what a hound’s got to do – and so this picture!
My favourite person here at Westbury is Pauline. She is the Westbury Housekeeper and not only keeps our showrooms looking spic and span – she also (and more importantly in my mind) makes our lunches. And at Christmas that means festive treats – including my favourite – sausages.

My favourite sausage stalking ground is the design studio. The team are so focused on creating the plans and drawings for our garden rooms, orangeries and pool rooms – all of which have to go out to our clients before Christmas – that they don’t notice if the odd sausage goes missing. Yep, Christmas at Westbury is a great place to be a dog.
PS. Heavy hint. This is top of my Santa Paws Christmas list!

Santa Paws