• Start

    What happens next?

    You've paid your deposit, securing your proposal price, and you're excited to start enjoying your new Westbury Garden Room already! But first, there's a few steps for us to take to design the perfect space for you and your home. Follow our timeline below to understand what you can expect to happen over the next few months...

  • The first step

    Your Design Choices

    It's time to start considering how you may want your room to look and feel. Spend some time on Pinterest, Instagram, or our case studies pages and use your Project Journal to start jotting down all of your stylistic design choices. We've got a few weeks before we'll need you to make any decisions, but starting early will help you to feel more confident in your final decision later on.

  • Within the first 8-12 weeks

    Applying for Planning Permission

    Our CAD team are completing your drawings. By the third week we hope to have these drawings sent to you, for your approval*. Once approved, we will submit to your local council for planning permission. *if you would like to make any amendments to these drawings, please be aware that this may push back the timeline slightly.

  • Awaiting Planning Approval & Schedule Tentative Dates

    Once we have submitted a request for planning permission, we have to wait for a decision from your local council. This usually takes around 8 weeks from submission*. While we wait, we will work with you to schedule tentative dates in our delivery schedule. At this stage, they aren't fixed as we may experience delays obtaining planning permission, or with your builder. However, it offers a good idea of when we may begin building your project and gives us something to aim for. *If we need to alter any drawings for approval this may push the timeline back slightly.

  • Your builder & our Site Survey

    It's time to find your builder if you haven't already. If you require any guidance please contact Emma or Kim at this stage and we may be able to offer some suggestions. Once your builder is on board and we have a better idea of their working timeline, we can make contact with them and firm up our scheduled dates. During this time we'll also conduct a site survey, to take precise measurements for manufacture.

  • It's time to share with us your Design Choices

    By week 12 we aim to begin finalising your project in more detail. So around this time, we would like to invite you to visit us to discuss your design choices or email us if you prefer.

  • Your Working Drawings

    Design Drawing Lyndhurst

    Planning permission has been granted, we have a scheduled delivery date in mind, precise measurements for manufacture, and know all of your design choices. This is now the time we ask for payment of your second invoice so that we may begin your working drawings.

  • Within 12 - 14 weeks

    Working Drawings are prepared for manufacture.

    We will send you our working drawings for your approval. Once you confirm that you are happy with the design of your garden room, we will prepare these drawings for manufacture in our factory.

  • Within 10 - 12 weeks

    Building and manufacture begins!

    Your builder is underway and we're staying in close contact with them to ensure a smooth install. Building Control will be making regular check-ins to assess the excavation, foundation, damp proof courses and installation of new drains. Meanwhile, we've begun building your timber structure in the workshop.

  • Within 4 - 5 weeks

    Pre-Install Visit

    We're finishing up your Westbury Garden Room in our workshop! We'll just need to pop by and assess the site, making sure everything has gone to plan and we are happy for our imminent install. Kaylee and/or Rebecca will be in contact to firm up a delivery and install date. It is at this moment we ask for payment on your pre-delivery invoice.

  • It's Installation Day!

    Look out for Westbury Vans turning into your road, our site team will be arriving to install all the previously delivered joinery! Building control will also be stopping by to check the structure, carcass and any electrics within your new space.

  • Time For a Good Clean

    We want to leave your Westbury Garden Room sparkling! So we'll be scheduling a clean with our window cleaner, Andrew. Once you're happy that all glass is glistening and joinery is flawlessly painted, we'll ask for the 4th and final invoice payment.

  • The Finishing Touches

    We'll be in contact to ensure that you have your Building Control Certificate, and issue your Carepack and Guarantee. We're bad with 'goodbyes', so stay in touch, tag us in your photos, leave us a review, and please give us a call if you have any concerns.