Timeless Interior Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

If exploring past trends is anything to go by – it’s clear that we all love to jump in headfirst with unwavering commitment. Particularly in recent years when our ability to consume fast, pop culture over the internet is more of a daily need than an occasional desire. But how do we separate the latest fad from timeless style? After all, no one wants to be removing tiled kitchen counter-tops and avocado bathroom suites after a couple of years of use (please, never again).

Most of us will succumb to the irresistible fads of the season at one time or another, Instagram and Pinterest boards make it impossible not to try them out for ourselves. We’re surrounded by a world of styling tips and ideas that seem like a great idea at the time, only for us to cringe 5 years later. But one thing that will never go out of fashion is sustainability and with it, comes the goal of timeless interior trends.

Timeless interior trends - metal


Metallics have had a place in our homes since time immemorial. A tangible signifier of quality and durability. The addition of solid metals throughout the home provides that feeling of endurance and ‘foreverness’ particularly when it comes to the smaller, often-used, details such as door and window handles.

Polished metals add a touch of glamour whereas aged metals offer a softer accent. If you’re unsure between the two, the aged metals like antique lead or brushed brass will always stand the test of time.


Statement Chairs

One of the simplest ways to add a little personality into your home is by the addition of a statement chair. A bold statement piece, like a patterned armchair or brightly coloured chaise, allows you transform a fad into something that is timeless. Be it chevrons of the 1950s or even Toile De Jouy from the 1760s. The instant impact that this statement delivers never grows old, and although the trend may have ended, there’s a welcoming buzz of nostalgia and celebration of its existence.



Creating characteristic focal points within any room will instantly elevate it. Fireplaces are particularly intriguing to us as they offer an escape through a different way of living and fit into any style of home, regardless of the century. A throwback to our humbler beginnings and yet their decoration uses still manages to exude an air of luxury. Particularly in unexpected rooms such as an orangery. Whether you choose a modern or rustic fireplace, you can be sure they will never go out of style.


Earthy Neutral Hues

A lick of paint is one of the simplest and quickest ways to completely transform a room, but certain hues may begin to date after a few years. By sticking to earthy neutral tones like shades of white, taupe, or stone, will instantly refresh and revive a space. It also will provide a strong canvas for adding colourful accessories such as throws, cushions, or curtains that can be swapped and changed like the seasons. Timeless interior trends often all share this same colour palette.

Timeless interior trends-Exposed-brick-interior

Exposed Brickwork

Exposed brickwork is a great way to add a historical and architectural quality to any interior. It celebrates the craftsmanship of the building and its integrity. It is demonstrative of the property’s history, and history will never fall out of fashion.

Timeless interior trends-bookcases

Built in Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves and libraries have an old-world charm that oozes sophistication and luxury. When full of books the feeling of a room is transformed into a peaceful, quiet space capable of transporting you to a different world, time or place by simply pulling a book from the wall. Visually they can be illuminated by strip lights or lamps to provide a relaxing backdrop to the room and highlight any collection of curiosities that find their place on the shelf. Becoming an endlessly fascinating space.