Three fence styles for luxury garden design


We regularly invite design and interiors experts to write for our blog. The latest guest post is from luxury fencing experts, Jacksons.

Guest Post from Jackson Fencing

In recent years the number of homeowners moving from traditional décor towards classic contemporary redesigns has exploded. We now design our homes around our living habits and think about the intricate ways our home interacts with our day to day living, filtering this out into the garden, incorporating the garden room, conservatory, or retreat for your latest social soiree.

People recognise their gardens are extensions of their home and the change represents a new era for fencing, especially. The garden is a place we all choose to relax at the end of a stressful day, and host family dinners in the summer which is why it’s so important to create a truly luxurious environment.

At Jacksons Fencing, we also recognise the need to match fencing with people’s day to day needs and have seen the demand for our handmade contemporary panels grow in popularity. We design and manufacture all our own products at our HQ in Kent using our own unique timber treatment process which allows us to confidently guarantee our products for a minimum of 25-years.

With 70-years of experience in the fencing industry, we are proud to introduce our top three fence panel styles to enhance your luxury garden design.

Venetian (slatted fence panels)

When you’re mulling over your garden designers’ proposal it’s important to ask yourself; what will our garden be used for? Will allowing more light into the garden enhance particular features?

Using Venetian fencing along both sides of a horizontal buy hydrocodone online with prescription shaped garden will allow maximum light exposure from the sun into your glazed extension creating a beautiful striped effect.

This option is perfect if you’re seeking to create a privacy barrier, but still want people to admire your luxury garden design. Customers also use our luxury Venetian panels as a garden screen to create borders or frame areas within the garden.

Contemporary Venetian Fence Panels


When it comes to choosing the perfect fence, privacy is a highly valued aspect alongside an aesthetically pleasing design. Whether you seek privacy from neighbours, or wish to hide unsightly views, employing a well-engineered fence can help to achieve this goal.

The Louvre design features slatted pales constructed at an angle which offer greater privacy than a Venetian panel while still allowing light to pass through.

These panels were recently selected to feature in the Royal Hampton Court Flower Show due to their quality engineering and contemporary design.

Pressure treated and guaranteed for 25-years Louvre has been particularly popular when installed parallel to pool houses because they create a striking effect on the water.   

louvre fence panel run


For those looking for premium quality married with complete privacy, there is the Chilham fence panel which has an attractive and unique panelled appearance.

Engineered in such a way the panels can be constructed without the need for pales or compromise to the panels’ integrity, the finished product is a high quality planed panel with a versatile design to suit all gardens.

Chilham panel and gate