The power of the ‘occasional chair’ – Our top 10 favourite armchairs

Armchairs are the ultimate orangery decadence; a luxurious culmination of style and comfort. Ideal for taking a blissful moment to look out onto the garden, or perfectly balance the roomscape. With many shapes, styles and textures to consider, allow us to inspire you to find the perfect addition to your home with our top 10 favourite armchairs

1. The Winged Armchair

If you seek a cosy arm chair to curl up and enjoy a cup of your favourite tea, look no further than these two analogous winged arm chairs. The winged shape that positions itself just below eye-level is ideal for creating a cosy, enclosed feel. Adorned by William Yeoward cushions for extra back support and an extremely inviting appearance.

The studs that follow each contour of the chair reveal a beautifully elegant finish, highlighting the curvature of the recessed arms and overall well-proportioned shape. Whilst the short legs that support a lower seating position alludes to a more informal, bohemian feel.

2. The Dual Colour Armchair

A classic addition to any orangery, with dual-colour for a contemporary twist. The high back armchair is regal and elegant wherever it is placed. However, best suited in larger, more open spaces where a larger scale is required to create structure and balance the room.
The natural textures and tessellating pattern of the upholstery generate feelings of organic cells and natural abundance. Establishing a connection to the natural surroundings.

3. The Club Armchair

The low back Club armchair is ideal for areas with lower ceilings. Their smaller proportions give the room a sense of height and space. Positioned within an orangery, they make excellent additions to fill a corner without obscuring the views outside.
Subtle, delicate, and unobtrusive. The softly curved arms, back, cushion and legs create a quietly casual feel.

4. The Leather Armchair

Who wouldn’t want the slink into a supple, tobacco-leather armchair? A true mark of sophistication and heritage. The leather armchair is a staple for any traditionally styled homes or country cottages since the 17th Century. Originally, they were time-consuming and costly home furnishing that only the wealthy could afford. However, following the industrial revolution, the leather armchair became more attainable and therefore synonymous with all things comfort and homely.

This armchair makes a virtue of curves. From the circular disk buttons that form cloud-like quilted ripples across the back of the chair, to the subtle wings and slightly scrolled arms. The culmination of all these qualities brings a supreme luxury to any orangery space.

5. The Statement Armchair

The scrolled arms and vibrant rouge of this armchair is a playful rendition of a traditional wingback armchair. Often making an appearance in large manor houses and many Victorian paintings, they are occasionally referred to as ‘fireside chairs’, designed to keep the sitter’s back warm and sheltered from draughts.
The basic design has remained popular since its conception and has now found its place within even the most contemporary of homes, often as statement pieces. They will quickly become your all-time favourite reading chair.

6. The Morris Inspired Armchair

The Morris inspired armchair, usually featuring a cushioned seat and back, with the timber structure on full display. They traditionally possess a reclining back, but can often be found with varying angles -both fixed and adjustable -since the Arts and Crafts era where they met the peak in their popularity.