The 10 best pendant lights for your garden room or orangery

An orangery is a handsome addition to any home and can be used throughout the seasons. The right lighting can speak volumes about your personal style and tastes, while setting the tone in the evenings. We share our top 10 pendant lights that will look great in your bespoke timber orangery or garden room.

Good lighting is vital at any time of the year, but especially now that the nights are drawing in before 5pm and natural light is sparse. Luckily, a spectacular pendant light will not only cover the functional side of things, but also the form. Think of the type of decorative lighting you choose as an extension of you and your own personal style. This connection between self-expression and one’s interiors plays a significant role in how you feel at home.  

Image: Globe Pendant by Jamb in our showroom orangery. 

Here at Westbury, we believe that a pendant light is a perfect choice for drawing the eyes up to the high glazed ceilings, which are synonymous with our custom-built orangeries. They are also ideal for defining living zones within your orangery without having to create physical divisions with walls or doors, which can make the room feel closed off and small.

Think About the Purpose of the Light

Pendant lights are available in a plethora of different styles that will not only satisfy your individual tastes, but the function you want it to serve. Do you want a statement piece that will command attention as soon as you walk in the room? 

Image: Pendants by Charles Edwards

Alternatively, perhaps you are looking to create an inviting dining area with one or more low-hanging pendant lights over the table, ideal for entertaining or an intimate dinner for two? Add a stylish pendant that offers the chef in your house ample light over the kitchen island so they can cook up delicious meals for your friends and family.

When planning the lighting in your orangery, remember that some pendant lights demand to be hung alone for maximum impact. In contrast, smaller options look great in clusters. Do not overwhelm the room with too many different styles; even though you want to create a level of division in the room, you want your interiors to flow. It is a balancing act, but if you get it right, the result will be incredibly pleasing. 

Image: Pendant by Charles Edwards

Once you have identified the light’s purpose, you will be well equipped to browse the different styles, including those from our favourite designers: Hector Finch, Jamb, John Cullen and Charles Edwards. Be inspired by our top 10 pendant lighting picks below:

Hector Finch

1. 1930’s Opulence

At Westbury, we love the collections from Hector Finch because of their modern take on vintage looks, which make for a truly timeless design. 

A perfect example of their signature style is this 1930’s inspired globe prism light, which works perfectly on its own to inspire a glamorous ‘Gatsby’ feel. This shimmering orb looks spectacular if you have chosen darker-coloured walls.

2. A Splash of Colour

We love the striking blue of this pendant, which will work well in a seating area that does not require overly bright light. Choose this for a relaxing vibe, ideal for a cosy spot where you might sit and read after a long week. 

Not only will this pendant create ambience in the evenings, but it is also a beautiful decorative piece that reflects rays of sunlight during the day.

3. Small Pendants for Pairing 

Not all pendant lights need to hang alone. Choosing a smaller pendant offers the option of hanging a number of them together to create an entirely different effect. These soap pendants from Hector Finch would look great hanging a little lower over a dining table. 

They do not give off an excessive amount of light, allowing you to attach multiple strands while still maintaining a dimmed glow that is ideal for entertaining.


4. Antique Regency Style Elegance

Jamb knows a thing or two when it comes to the reproduction of antique lighting. The London-based specialist is the designer of choice for those looking to add some antique elegance to their home. This regency-style lantern with gothic panels can create a real statement in your orangery. 

This is an ideal pendant light to add drama to a lounge area and pairs perfectly with vibrant colour schemes to invoke a feeling of time-honoured opulence.

5. A Lantern For High Ceilings 

This stunning cylindrical lantern is a superb option for those who want to create a real statement of their high ceilings. Brass offers timeless elegance in any home, so this piece will last you a lifetime. 

It will also coordinate nicely with polished brass ironmongery on doors and windows. Hanging a lantern of this proportion on a sweeping stairwell, or from the peak of your pointed roof in your orangery, will literally make a feature out of thin air. 

John Cullen

6. Clean Simplicity

John Cullen Lighting specialises in the hospitality market, and what a better place for hospitality than your own home? Their Penne light is a perfect example of minimalism and simplicity at its finest. The understated design offers enough lighting for the use of the mirror, while still evoking a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation.

The style will not overwhelm a space and boasts simple lines, making it ideal for keeping your orangery or garden room looking clean and streamlined for serenity.

Charles Edwards

7. Country House Elegance

Inspired by the 19th and 20th Century, Charles Edwards’s designs work synonymously with the English Country House look. This unique lantern style light will create a beautiful focal point, delivering plenty of light in your room. 

This may be an option to consider for your primary source of light in the room, complete with a dimmer option when needed. The shape of this pendant makes for an elegant piece, inviting regular appreciation and admiration.  

8. A Starring Role

This charming star-shaped pendant is fun and functional. The shape would look great either alone or in a pair, perhaps to highlight an entryway or define the centre of an orangery where you want to make a decorative impact. With frosted glass, the light will not seem too overbearing.

9. Dual Lighting for Food Preparation and Style 

This Charles Edwards dual design would look great suspended over a kitchen island. The dual light allows for even dispersion of light, so that food preparation is not negatively impacted. 

Yet, the elegant design will help ensure the heart of the home feels like a warm and inviting space to both relax and entertain in.

10. A Minimalist Design for Maximum Impact

These ombre-effect pendant disks look like they have come straight from the year 2119, yet there is still something intriguing mid-century about them. 

The minimal design would look great hung in a cluster at different levels, drawing attention to the parts of your orangery where you would like to make an impression. Alternatively, you could place it on its own for a sense of weightlessness and space. 

The Choice is All Yours 

When it comes to lighting up your orangery, the choices are limitless, and there is a pendant light to suit all tastes and themes. These are just some of our favourite lighting designers, but there are many other options.

Image: Globe Pendant by Jamb

 At Westbury Garden Rooms, we are passionate about sourcing the perfect final additions for your new glazed extensions, and lighting is no exception.