Statement rugs are taking centre stage

2018 has seen artwork on the walls literally floored by statement rugs, which designers and homeowners alike are now using as a pieces of art in their own right.

Statement rugs can be a clever way to introduce colour and personality to a room. They are akin to a piece of artwork, often taking centre stage in contemporary interior design schemes. Whether carefully crafted by hand or machine made, the introduction of bold colours and patterns can be the one of the most effective ways to bring drama, impact and coherence to a design scheme.

Picture rugs

A picture rug used to simulate the role of wall art will immediately update a classic looking scheme. Paired with softer colours and textures, these beautiful rugs will create a bold and unique look that will really spark people’s imaginations.

Floral rugs have also made a place for themselves in the market this year, with their natural and distinctive patterns working well in rooms with an eclectic or vintage style.

As part of the artwork movement in rugs, we’re also seeing a strong trend for modern, minimalist-inspired themes. Popular with homeowners who are looking to maintain a clean and simple style, these rugs can be used strategically to add visual interest, texture and personality.

Statement rugs can hold a room together by demarcating zones in open plan spaces. They also allow fashion-savvy homeowners to update a room to reflect current trends without having to change the décor of the entire space. Want to capture the beauty of the new Autumnal season? A statement rug with rich, earthy tones like red and burnt orange will instantly transform your space.

The ultimate colour injector

The colour that statement rugs can inject into a room are ideal for those wanting a neutral background with pops of colour to set the scheme. A strong accent colour will work particularly well if you are styling a larger room.

William Yeoward

Colour blocking is something that we’re seeing more and more of, from soothing pastel shades to bright jewel tones.

Kathall’s Othello range incorporates three fields of contrasting colour. The full range is available to view at www.kasthall.com

A nod to the natural

Natural textures and tones are increasing in popularity, with landscape and woodland-inspired scenery depicted through earthy and pastel colours that provide a sense of harmony. Rugs made from rustic materials such as sheepskin, basketweave and faux fur work well in Scandinavian or Bohemian themed rooms.

The Conran Shop

Sustainability is now a huge global trend within interiors. Reflecting homeowner’s increasing awareness for conscientious and enlightened consumerism, we are seeing a growing number of products utilising recycled and natural materials. One environmentally conscious range comes from Swedish company Kasthall, which uses biodegradable materials and minimises the unnecessary use of dyes by only producing made to order rugs. The company’s commitment to environmentalism is evident in its Harvest collection. These rugs are made entirely from excess spools of yarn from the production process, meaning that every single rug is entirely unique.

Another example comes from Kathall’s Harvest – their rugs are made entirely from excess spools of yarn from the production process, meaning that every single rug is entirely unique.