Repainting your Garden room

We use Teknos paint, which we specially selected due to its hard-wearing nature.

Westbury garden rooms and orangeries are built to withstand the test of time, and to ensure this we carefully select the best materials to ensure optimum longevity of the building. In order to reduce the amount of weathering and degradation of the wood we use Laminated Larch timber. For improved stability we store it outside so that it reaches optimum moisture levels creating a weathered, stable timber to work with. It is less likely to warp or split after we have completed the build, so you can be assured your products will remain aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

To make sure that your glazed extension stays in tip top condition, however, there’s more that can be done to help keep timber strong, weather resistant and aesthetically pleasing; painting. The paint we use generally lasts between seven and 10 years, but this depends of course on how exposed the extension is, e.g. whether it is north or south facing. All these factors will contribute to the wear and tear of the paint; one that is exposed to lots of wind and rain will inevitably experience more wear than one that is sheltered from the elements.

We use Teknos paint, which we specially selected due to its hard-wearing nature; it’s a water based paint formulated specifically for outside use on timber, and is resistant to bacterial, mould and UV attack – perfect for repainting your garden room to keep the timber we use in good condition. To help order hydrocodone online cheap prolong the life of the paint, we recommend a wash down once a year to clear it of destructive organisms.

When the time comes to repaint your garden room, we keep detailed records of every build so that, if you want, you can match the exact paint colour. When repainting, treat it the same as other exterior woodwork – wash first, and apply one coat with a synthetic brush. One coat is fine for a refresh of the same colour, however if you are planning on changing the colour then you need to first apply a coat or two of a light colour, such as eggshell or satinwood, as a base. In between repainting, if there are any areas which need retouching due to damage or joint movement, then touch up with paint – this is to make sure that excess water doesn’t seep into the wood and cause damage.

Do not overlook the importance of regular maintenance; it is integral to maintain the look and health of your glazed extension. As the saying goes ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ – it is far more cost-effective to carry out annual cleaning and repaint regularly, even though this might be every decade, than to leave it to fall into disrepair.

We are happy to arrange a paint team or window cleaning specialist to keep uphold your Westbury if you wish us to do so.