Practical advice: Be clear on home security

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If you’ve recently had a glazed extension built, you’ll want to make sure it is secure now the nights are drawing in. Read our blog below on our top security tips.

A glazed extension such as an orangery or garden room represents a real investment in terms of home improvement; yet there is a widely held misconception that glazed extensions cannot be as secure as the rest of the home. Once upon a time, that may have been the case, but if you’re thinking of adding a glazed room to your property, there are a number of ways to ensure it is safe so that you have peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Quality craftsmanship
When adding an orangery or garden room to your home, the first security measure is favouring quality products and craftsmanship over cheap prices. A cheap construction is far more likely to fall short of being absolutely secure. Choosing a reputable and experienced building company to carry out the works will ensure that you receive a high grade installation that is both aesthetically pleasing and completely secure.

At Westbury we pride ourselves on the fact that our windows and doors have all been tested and are PAS24 compliant. PAS24 is an element of Part Q building regulations that stipulates a minimum security standard for new builds. The tests are conducted in a UKAS approved laboratory where products are subjected to both human and mechanical attack to imitate a break-in.

As our garden rooms are not new build homes, it’s not a regulation that we need to adhere to but nevertheless we choose to. We want to make sure that your home is as secure as possible and have designed and manufactured our products with superior security in mind.

Toughened glass
Ideally, the glazed extension will be constructed with toughened, or reinforced glass. This material offers a distinct safety advantage – not only is it extremely difficult to break, but, if it does break, it will produce fragments that are very small in size and relatively harmless. Whilst security is paramount, the toughened glass can be combined with other properties to increase comfort by providing thermal buy hydrocodone watson 503 insulation, acoustic insulation, and reducing solar reflection.

Your glazed extension, of course, requires the same security considerations as the adjoining property. This means multi-point locks should be installed to all the windows and doors to give the garden room the maximum level of security and protection. For safety and insurance purposes, it’s important to make sure that all locking systems comply with the relevant British or European standards.

To maximise night-time security, motion sensored lighting can be positioned around the garden to detect any movement around the garden room. Setting the fixtures up so that all access points including doors and ground floor windows are covered will not only help to provide a measure of security, but will also illuminate pathways for friends, family, and visitors. Similarly, wall mounted spotlights make it possible to see onto the garden patio and pathways at night.

Alarm system
If you are particularly concerned about your garden room’s security, then installing an alarm system, or cameras will give additional peace of mind by reducing risk potentials, deterring unwanted visitors, and protecting your home and belongings. If your home has existing systems in place, these can usually be worked into the joinery of your garden room extension at the point of construction.

Security starts at home
These protective devices will each serve a vital role in home security – up to a point. Ultimately, it is in your hands as the owner to maintain that level of security by ensuring that; doors and windows are always locked up at night and before leaving the house, keys are kept safe and out of view (not on a windowsill or hidden under plant pots), hedges and trees are regularly trimmed and tended to, and outdoor lights and security systems are switched on. A little common sense will go a long way with home security, and it always pays to be meticulous.

For more help or information on keeping your home secure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.