Making the Most of your Garden in Winter

Your garden in winter, there is no reason why a carpet of snow should put your garden completely out of action.

As the cold months roll in, it can be all too easy for gardens to be forgotten as they lay beneath a thick blanket of snow or at the very least become rather damp underfoot. But that doesn’t mean your garden should go untouched. It doesn’t take much to transform your garden into a crisp, winter wonderland that can be enjoyed from your garden room throughout the colder months.

Growing Winter Vegetables

The frost and ice may take its toll on flowering plants of the warmer months, but some vegetables are suited for lasting out the cold climates. Beetroot matures well over winter, but requires a little preparation. Leave the seeds in a seed tray to propagate in the warmth, then plant them outside in October with cloches to be ready for March.

Asparagus crowns withstand frost brilliantly when the beds are covered with mulch, thriving in cold climates which make it an ideal candidate for your winter garden. Similarly, rhubarb is another perennial that should not be missed when it comes to preparing your winter vegetables. There isn’t much better than a hot rhubarb crumble on a Sunday afternoon, and the luscious reds and greens will make for a lovely splash of colour in your plot. Broad beans such as Aquadulce Claudia and Super Aquadulce can also be sowed in autumn for an early harvest the next spring.

Growing vegetables through the winter will help add life to a white garden, presenting you with a bountiful harvest once the season has finished, rather than dead earth.

Flowering plants

Perennial flowering plants such as winter sweet have fragrant blooms that will fill the winter air with a lovely scent. Similarly, sarcococca buy hydrocodone jacksonville fl confusa will help add life and smell to your garden, as well as survive the frost thanks to its strong structure. The white flowers will compliment any winter garden beautifully.

Brightening the Garden

To counter the thick clouds and long nights try experimenting with plenty of reflective surfaces around the garden, such as paving or walling materials, water, and mirror finishes. Contrary to popular belief, garden lighting isn’t just for summer. Well positioned uplighters can really bring your garden to life during winter months – even if you’re only enjoying it from the warmth of your home.

For an enjoyable social experience, outdoor heaters can be a wonderful way to spend a cool evening on the patio looking at the stars. Fire pits are another way to stay warm, and make a great centrepiece for any social gatherings.

Bringing the Outside In

Glazed extensions such as garden rooms, orangeries and conservatories can be used to make the most of your garden while retaining the warmth of your house. With wide windows letting in plenty of light, a garden room can be great way to enjoy your winter wonderland. It provides an extension of a living space or kitchen which makes for a great social area in which to experience the atmosphere of your midwinter garden.

By combining all of the above, paying attention to the structure, flora, and the way you use your garden in winter, there is no reason why a carpet of snow should put your garden completely out of action. Brighten your outdoor space and you’ll feel less like hibernating during the winter months and more inclined to get out and enjoy some fresh air.