Making the most of natural light

Make the most of your glazed extension

The chemical melatonin controls the human sleep patterns, and its production depends a lot on the natural light available. Working and living indoors can make you feel sluggish and tired, especially if you work from home – so exposure to as much natural light as possible is important. According to the Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives (Mead 2008), natural light also increases the level of endorphins and serotonin, improving your mood and general feeling of wellbeing.

When designing or decorating your home, it is important to remember the principles of ‘light flooding’. Painting your walls light colours such as pale blues and creams will help reflect sunlight and lessen the need for artificial lamps. Hanging mirrors and making sure your rooms are uncluttered are also great ways to increase the sense of space and air in your home – vital for the winter months. However if you’re worried about the room feeling cold, use fabrics and rugs to retain a cosy atmosphere.

Choosing large doors and windows is great for allowing buy hydrocodone online mastercard plenty of light to flood in during the day. Double-glazed, argon-filled windows will conserve heat while still brightening the room, making for a cost-effective addition to any home.

A glazed extension such as a garden room or orangery is a great way of increasing the social space in your home and letting in plenty of natural light all year round. Folding, floor-to-ceiling doors allow homeowners to enjoy the winter garden while retaining the warmth of the building. It creates a seamless transition between the home and the garden, increasing space and filling the home with natural light.

For those working from home, a garden room offers the perfect place from which to run a business. Free-standing, eco-garden rooms are another option should you wish to separate your home from your work. Whether you want a dining room, an extension of the kitchen, or simply a place to enjoy the sunshine all year round, a garden room is an invaluable addition to your home.