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Multi coloured cushions

In our regular feature, 'We Love... Wednesdays', we take a look at some great designs and style inspirations which have caught our eye. This month we look at trends in home accessories and what has changed over the last year.

Whilst home decor is very personal, trends in high end interior styling often permeate mainstream buying habits and are reflected in the sorts of items that people choose for their homes.

Using accessories to introduce a theme has many benefits. It allows you to change your décor seasonally if you choose to, and, if you are renting and are limited in how you can decorate your abode, it allows you to stamp your personality on a space without receiving notice from the landlord.

In 2015, there was a trend towards statement, oversized mirrors and we expect that to continue in 2016. In fact, oversized accessories of any kind will be popular because they are an easy way to create a dramatic focal point and also give a sense of luxury.

You could embrace this trend by introducing an opulent mirror to a minimal hallway, or hanging a giant canvas in a modest living area. Other supersized accessories such as extra-large vases or lamp shades can achieve the same effect. The trick is to remember to stick to one or two statement pieces, as the whole idea is that the item is out of proportion; less is more.

Statement lighting is another great way to interpret this trend; a large chandelier or bold pendant light is the perfect fit for a garden room or orangery, and instantly provides ‘wow factor’.

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Metallic finishes remain popular in lighting design but the trend is evolving, with a movement away from the high-shine copper that was especially popular in 2015. Now we are seeing more matte or aged metals being favoured such as brushed nickel, antique bronze and even black.

The metallic trend is extending from lighting into other areas of the household too, with table frames, feature chairs, wirework accessories and even kitchen appliances bringing a more industrial theme to the fore. In the right space, metal garden furniture can work as well indoors as out. You might choose to use a metal dining table and chairs in your garden room to blur the boundaries of home and garden further.

In a traditional conservatory, leafy plants will soften a metal-heavy interior, but you can also use texture and colour to ensure that your home still feels warm and inviting.

Pantone’s colours of the year – Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue – look to be popular in 2016. Grey also maintains its stronghold as one of the most popular neutrals in home decor, and we expect pops of colour will still come from accessories.

Many people opt for neutral coloured walls and cabinetry (particularly in kitchens) and inject personality into the design with colourful items ranging from window treatments to cooking utensils. In previous years we have seen trends for muted, earthy colours and schemes which tie in complementary shades, but the latest trend is to use brightly coloured accessories, often teamed with monochrome designs, to inject real excitement.

Room with contemporary design scheme

Multi coloured cushions

In an open plan space, your design style should flow through the whole area. You could achieve this by keeping one or more colours, or a specific theme, consistent throughout. You might choose kitchen accessories in colours that also appear in your living room rug. Or match vintage crockery in your dining room with kitchen pendant lights of the same era. Working this way will help to tie the two areas neatly together while still defining the different ‘zones’ within the space.

No matter what your personal style is, changing the accessories in a room is a great way to revamp it without too much effort or expense.
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