Ideas for Valentine’s Day dining

Assortment of sharing platter options for Valentine's day dining

It’s Valentine’s Day! If you’re treating your loved one to a romantic home cooked meal tonight we have some tips for setting the perfect scene

Valentine’s Day is often referred to as the most romantic day of the year; it’s the day where people make an extra special effort to show their appreciation and affection to their loved one(s).

Whilst the occasion has become extremely commercialised in recent years, full of cuddly toys, overpriced bouquets, and cheap chocolate disguised in red foil wrapping, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t take it back to basics and indulge in a romantic dinner à deux.

Restaurants will no doubt be very crowded and noisy, so why not pull up two chairs, light a candle, and enjoy the evening together at home? To make the most of what you have at home, here are some ideas for perfect Valentine’s Day dining:

Table decor
A simple red and white colour scheme will help set the scene for a special Valentine’s dinner with your loved one. Either lay the table with a red cloth, and use contrasting white plates, or create a more standout setting using white as the background colour on the table, and incorporate strategic pops of red crockery.

Small sentimental details add a personal touch that will be remembered. Try wrapping a length of twine around your partner’s napkin and slip a loving message into the fold to really kick the occassion up a notch. 


Valentine's table setting with red plates

The red rose is of course the most iconic flower of Valentine’s Day, but that’s not to say you can’t break the tradition a little and incorporate other beautiful blooms and colours into the mix.

For a simple and yet effective, contemporary spread, select a variety of pretty petals in soft pastel shades along with some leafy stems, to add texture and variety. You could also consider adding dried flowers and mosses for a real boho chic feel.

If a floral arrangement will be your centerpiece, it might be wise to trim the stems right down, and carefully buy hydrocodone in dallas organise them into short vases. This way, you’ll still be able to see each other across the table and have a proper conversation. Alternatively, set a tall vase at the end of the table so it’s not in the way, or consider sitting side by side or on a corner rather than opposite one another.

Gallery of three flower images

February evenings are typically dark and cold, so lighting is essential. Use soft tones and keep lights low by using a dimmer switch or by opting for lamps instead of bright overhead lights, to create a welcoming and romantic ambiance. Candle light has long been a popular component of the Valentine’s Day table, and that’s not going to change anytime soon, so even if you’re not usually one for using candles in your home decor, this is one time of year you can’t ignore their popularity.

Assortment of Valentine's Day Lighting images

If you prefer a more contemporary feel, you could scatter lots of little tealights around the table and surrounding spaces. Mason jars or vases filled with battery-operated fairy lights also create a wonderfully magical atmosphere.

fairy lights in mason jars

When planning the menu for your Valentine’s meal, avoid dishes that require lots of preparation and attention just before serving, particularly if your dining area is separate to your kitchen. Instead, choose recipes that you can prepare in advance, pop in the oven and leave until they are ready, so that you can spend the time with your guest. Alternatively, eating together from a dish in the centre of the table makes the moment even more romantic; consider serving foods that can be shared, for example fondue, a mezze platter, antipasti, or canape bites on a large central board.

Assortment of sharing platter options for Valentine's day dining
For more decor and recipe inspiration for Valentine’s Day, why not head on over to our Valentine’s Pinterest board.



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