How to build an orangery or garden room

In the early stages of an extension project, it is easy to feel like you have a daunting task ahead of you. Knowing what to expect can really help if you are about to have an orangery built, so our Managing Director James Upton shares our process in more detail…

Imagine experiencing the beauty of the great outdoors from the most sumptuous of locations possible – from inside one of our timeless garden rooms. From the ornate character of beautifully crafted timber and the excellent finish of the paint to the sunlight streaming into your interiors through a glazed roof lantern – having a Westbury garden room will transform the look and feel of your home. It is easy to get things started, simply request a brochure or download a digital copy. When you’ve had a chance to look through the brochure and hopefully gained some inspiration for your own home, give us a call to discuss your project in more detail.  

For us, it is not just about designing a beautiful structure. We also strive to create an extension of your home that fits in seamlessly with your lifestyle, whether it is for an entertaining space, family room or open-plan kitchen. We understand what a well-designed glazed extension can bring to your property. Still, if you know what it takes for us to get there, you can appreciate your new bespoke garden room in a completely new light.  

The start of something special

Before we begin to cut mouldings and nail joints together, we must first create a design. Our garden rooms have to complement the style of your existing property, maximise on interior space and meet the needs of your family. We understand that you want a multi-functional space, in a new room that remains sympathetic to the home that you love. Creating a bespoke garden room starts with a visit to your home, where your dedicated designer will discuss your ideas, record measurements, take photographs and explore how you use your home’s layout. 

Our designers have unrivalled knowledge and expertise and will work collaboratively with you to help you realise your own personal styles and tastes. Our designers are experts in the finer subtleties and intricacies of building projects. They fully understand that you are investing in an opportunity to transform your property into a home you can cherish. They will set to work, drawing a concept illustration and a detailed quotation for the project. From the moment our designers start adding a few simple lines to a piece of paper, they devise an architectural structure that has purpose and meaning. Once you have approved your design, our experienced CAD technicians will develop the working drawings of your scheme. These drawings are then passed to our processing team who will prepare them to be passed to the factory for manufacturing. Our technically accurate working drawings ensure that every detail of the design comes together flawlessly once installation begins.  

Proven Performance with Accoya Timber

Although it is a commonly used material for glazed extensions, uPVC does not degrade, meaning that it harms the environment. It reacts to UV radiation from the sun and becomes shabby and discoloured over time. It also lacks the charm and character of timber joinery. Westbury Garden Rooms only build garden rooms and orangeries using superior materials. For us, engineered timber made from layers of Accoya and redwood results in an unrivalled garden room. 

Accoya is a revolutionary timber material made from fast-growing Radiata Pine, which undergoes a patented process that improves the dimensional stability by 75% over solid hardwoods. This makes it ideal for outdoor structures exposed to the elements. Accoya is CO2 neutral throughout its lifecycle and 100% biodegradable. Additionally, all the engineering that goes into improving the timber’s performance is non-toxic. Such is the material performance of Accoya, that it has resulted in low maintenance costs and a proven service life expectancy of 50 years when used in exterior applications. 

Discover astounding artisanship in every Westbury Garden Room

Once we have a clear and detailed design, we pass the plans to our Project Managers who orchestrate the build process smoothly and efficiently and send you an installation schedule. Now, our expert carpenters can get started in the workshop. 

At every stage of production, we seek to achieve a unique level of quality that is evident in every aspect of a garden room. Using the highest standards of skill, the team in the factory are dedicated to creating a beautiful finished product. Their ability to use traditional carpentry techniques is what separates Westbury from the rest. We have invested in the most superior machine technology that will cut pieces of timber with accurate precision, so we produce minimal waste and burn any leftovers in a biomass boiler to heat the factory s during the winter.

Choose any colour you desire

Accoya timber has many performance benefits, as listed above. However, it really comes into its own when combined with the right paint products. The quality of the paint system you choose will make a significant impact on the longevity and lifespan of your orangery. Tests have proven that glazed extensions made from Accoya have significantly improved coating properties, providing they have constructed them in a way that minimises moisture ingress. 

We use Teknos, a water-based paint system specially formulated for external use on timber to create a smart-looking and protective layer over the joinery. This high-quality paint is resistant to bacteria, mould, and UV attack. Providing we spray-apply the wood with three coats of Teknos paint and the owners give it a wash down twice a year, the Accoya has outstanding durability and dimensional stability. Your new garden room will not need repainting for 12 years or more. 

At this point, it is all about the details

We do not cut corners because quality takes time to achieve. Therefore, we inspect every pane of glass for minute marks or flaws.  It is why we invest in having every one of our door and window products tested by an independent, third-party UKAS accredited centre. The finer details are just as important, as together, they influence the overall experience of owning a garden room. Ironmongery fittings are a case in point, showing how we pay careful attention to every detail, right down to the hinges we choose for our doors. 

Ironmongery needs to feel secure, sturdy and functional – a stiff door handle or a window lock that catches will feel cumbersome after a few weeks of use. All our brass and bronze door furniture comes from a carefully selected, family-run British manufacturer with a distinguished reputation in the industry. By cultivating an exclusive list of suppliers, we can create the best garden rooms that clients admire across the world

French door brass handle

Looking forward to the final installation

Now the timber components of your garden room are finished, our team pre-assembles your garden room and check that everything is in order, before they pack and transport all the parts to your property. In order to cut down on the number of deliveries we make, we invested in larger vans so we can carry more in each journey and reduce our carbon footprint.  

All external building work will be carried out by your own contractor or builder and we will provide them with precise and accurate plans as to how these should be completed.  When the building works are complete our experienced fitting team will be ready to come and install your new structure. . Our in-house fitters will leave the site clean and tidy each day, and ensure your home remains secure at all times. No matter what the build entails, we will work with you to ensure minimum disruption for you and your family.  

If you would like to receive more information or explore our beautiful garden room case studies, then feel free to contact the team here