How Long Does It Take To Build A Bespoke Orangery or Garden Room?

If you're dreaming of adding a modern timber orangery to your home in time for summer 2024, you're in the right place. Read our guide to find out everything you need to know to get your project started and more importantly finished in time for those warm summer days.

As the warmer months approach, you may find yourself yearning for a space that seamlessly merges the beauty of the outdoors with the comfort of indoor living. An orangery, with its elegant design and abundance of natural light, offers the perfect solution. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to ensure your orangery is completed in time for those sunny days and balmy evenings.

What do you need to consider when planning an orangery project?

The key to ensuring your orangery is built in time for summer 2024 is to start planning as early as possible. Knowing how you plan to use your orangery is a great place to start. Do you want your new room to be used as a kitchen extension, a lounge and dining area or simply a place to escape everyday life and enjoy your hobbies such a yoga, art or reading.

Orangery Size & Layout

You will also need to consider the size and layout of the room that you want to create and weather that room can be built under permitted development or if planning permission will be required. We can help you with this and will submit any planning applications on your behalf. By defining your vision early on, you’ll streamline the design process and avoid timely changes later.

Orangery Style & Design

Think about the style of room you would like to create; do you want your room to blend seamlessly with the current architectural style of your home or if you would like it to stand out and take centre stage? Do you envision a sleek modern design or a more traditional aesthetic?  

As each of our rooms are completely unique and designed to your exact specifications, with our help and guidance you can choose everything from the colour, shape, window and door formation and ironmongery to the style of the facias and pilasters.

Timeline for Orangery build

When do you want to start using your new orangery? If the answer to this question is summer 2024, then now is the perfect time to get in touch as we are currently booking in projects to be installed in July and August 2024.

Cost of Project

At Westbury we build to a standard, not to a budget but we fully understand that cost is a huge contributing factor to any building project. Our projects typically start from £65,000 for a room of approx. 20m2. There are many design elements that affect the price of an orangery; therefore, we would always suggest requesting a guide price from our team. Our prices are for a supply and install service and therefore do not include building works, these will be done by an outsider contractor of your choice. To find out more about what factors affect the cost on an orangery take a look here: What is the average price of an Orangery?

So, how do you get a guide price for your orangery project?

Firstly, we would advise giving our design team a call on 01245 326500 or emailing them design@westburygardenrooms.com with more information about your project. Thinking about the factors listed above it would be ideal if you could provide us with an idea of the size and proposed function of the room you are looking to create e.g. kitchen extension, sitting room. Also details such as the style and era of your existing property are helpful, along with letting us know if you have a current extension, such as an underused conservatory, that you are looking to replace, or if this would be a whole new build.

If you have any photographs or plans of your home that you could send to us via email that would help us gain a better understanding of your requirements. It will also allow us to pair you up with one of our designers who is most familiar with your style of property. 

After we have determined a guide price for your project, we will also provide you with a digital copy of our guide price booklet which will help you understand more about how our pricing works and what factors can determine the cost of your new orangery.   

I’m happy with the guide price, what next?

If you are happy with the guide price for your orangery project, we will arrange for one of our designers to visit your home and meet with to discuss your project in more detail and take some exact measurements. We will also invite you to visit us at our home in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex where you can visit our two showrooms and take a factory tour to see where our buildings are manufactured.

After visiting your home your designer will draw up your dream room and we will provide you with a formal quotation for your project. Upon your approval, we issue the a deposit invoice, start the planning application (if needed), and initiate a site survey.

Will I need planning permission for a new orangery?

Depending on your location, if your property is listed and the size of your orangery, you may need to obtain planning permission or building permits before construction can commence. At Westbury we are experts in obtaining planning permission and will submit any necessary applications on your behalf.  

Once planning is secured (usually around 8 weeks), our skilled craftsmen bring your designs to life in our workshop. This is an exhilarating time to see your dream take shape. Manufacturing takes about 6-8 weeks on average, followed by installation, which can take 3-6 weeks.

To find out more information read our dedicated blog which aims to answer all of your questions on planning permission: Planning Permission for an Orangery

How do I find a reliable builder for my project?

Begin researching local builders or contractors who specialise in orangery construction. We can help you with this and make recommendations for any builders we have used in your local area.  Schedule consultations to discuss your vision, budget, and timeline. Keep in mind that good contractors tend to be booked well in advance, so don’t delay in securing their services.

Once you’ve chosen a builder and finalised your design with us, we will work with them to establish a realistic construction timeline. While you may be eager to have your orangery completed as quickly as possible, it’s important to be realistic about the time required to ensure quality craftsmanship.

Monitoring the progress of your build

Throughout the construction process of the foundations and base works for your orangery, we stay in close communication with your builder to monitor progress and address any issues that arise promptly. Regular contact allows us to understand firsthand when the project will be ready for our installation team to start constructing your new room and make any necessary adjustments to timelines along the way. By staying actively involved, we can help keep the project on track and ensure it’s completed to your satisfaction.

Find out more about the building process here: How to begin the journey to building an orangery

How long does it take to install an orangery?

Installation for your new orangery can begin once the building works are complete. This is where the magic really happens and when you start to see your dreams turn into reality. All of our buildings are beautifully manufactured using top quality Accoya Wood and fully factory finished with 3 coats of Teknos paint, meaning that with a little maintenance (just washing down twice yearly) they will not need to be repainted for 12 years or more.

Our dedicated site team will turn up on time each day and will leave your site clean and tidy at the end of each day. Installation of our buildings usually takes between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the size and technicality of the room. 

Plan for Finishing Touches for your Orangery

As the installation phase nears completion, don’t forget to plan for the finishing touches that will truly make your orangery shine. Consider elements such as flooring, lighting, furnishings, and landscaping to create a cohesive and inviting space. With careful attention to detail, you can transform your orangery into a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind in style.

With proper planning and foresight, it’s entirely possible to have your dream orangery built in time for summer 2024. By starting early, defining your vision, obtaining necessary permits, setting a realistic timeline, monitoring progress closely, and planning for finishing touches, you can ensure a smooth and successful construction process. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying sunny days and starry nights in your beautiful new orangery, the envy of all your friends and neighbours.