Houzz 2017 Kitchen Trends Report


How does your dream kitchen compare to the top trends identified in the Houzz 2017 Kitchen Trends report?

The modern kitchen is becoming even more of a focal point in the home, with the majority of people (63%) stating they would like to renovate their kitchen in order to increase the available space. In line with this, open-plan concepts remain very much en vogue, with over half (59%) of people wishing to open up their kitchen into the surrounding rooms. Also growing in popularity is the trend of ‘bringing the outside in’, with 52% wanting to make the kitchen more open to outdoor spaces.

Along with completely overhauling the layout of their kitchen, people are making the decision to upgrade the built-in features and components to improve the overall functioning of the room. The most popular features to upgrade in a kitchen renovation project is the cabinets (93%), worktops (93%) and taps (90%). 89% choose to invest in new appliances, with dishwashers and fridge/freezers taking the top spot (82% and 78% respectively).

Humphrey Munson kitchen with island and glazed windows

For those seeking to incorporate a little extra luxury into their kitchen, sought after appliances include boiling water taps (24%) warming drawers (18%) and drink fridges (16%). Many are also choosing to incorporate hi-tech features such as colour touch-screen displays (17%) and wireless controls via smartphone or tablet (12%) showing a growing desire for the kitchen to become so much more than a place to simply prepare and cook food.

For many homeowners, the benefits of undertaking a kitchen renovation project goes way beyond upgrading the aesthetics of their property; 69% are using their larger kitchen space to spend more time with their families and 51% to entertain and socialise more often.

An interesting point of discussion from this year’s survey is the long-term, positive impact that a spacious new kitchen can have on their day-to-day family living. 35% of those surveyed claim that their kitchen renovation has encouraged them to make healthier lifestyle choices, with 43% enjoying more home-cooked meals, 23% eating more fruit and vegetables, and 36% ordering less takeaways.

The Houzz Kitchen Trends survey clearly reveals that the modern-day kitchen has become an increasingly multi-functional space that brings everyone together. It’s no wonder then that for so many, the kitchen stands proud as ‘the heart of the home’.

If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen in line with these trends, or to suit your own taste and style, we would love to help you bring that dream to life. Contact us today.


Houzz 2017 Kitchen Trends report