Guide to Repainting Your Westbury Orangery

The benefit of choosing a timber orangery or garden room is that you can change the colour when your tastes or trends change. The garden room featured in this post has been painted 3 different colours over the last 15 years to keep up with the homeowners change in taste and the evolution of trends.

Q What type of paint and timber combination is used at Westbury?

A At Westbury we manufacture our garden rooms from a class 1 modified timber called Accoya, our joinery is then fully finished with 3 coats of Teknos paint.

When it comes to paint, Accoya and Teknos are the perfect combination to give a flawless, long-lasting finish. Paint coatings last up to twice as long (12 years or more) when compared to a standard painted timber due to Accoya’s outstanding stability.

Teknos microporous water-based paint is highly durable and acts as an additional protective barrier over the Accoya. Teknos paints are hardwearing, ultra-low VOC (meaning they are not harmful to the environment) and sustainable, making them the perfect choice for wood and joinery.

Accoya is a modified wood which is the timber industry benchmark for performance and sustainability. No other timber offers the same combination of stability, durability and versatility.

Colin Wheatley, of Teknos explains “Teknos make the best choice of paint for Accoya wood because of our high quality, long lasting finish. With sustainability at the core of what we do, Teknos coatings are water-based and extremely durable resulting in less frequent repainting. Our primers and topcoats work together to resist weathering by rain, UV-light, and temperature extremes; making it essential for a garden room’s requirements.”

Q How often do I need to paint my orangery?

A You will not need to repaint your Westbury framework for 12 years or more. Each Timber frame is coated with up to 175 microns of paint which, when dry, result in a durable layer of around 70 microns. This allows for a greater lifespan and performance of any Westbury frame.

We combine Teknos with our Accoya timber. A class 1 timber that has been specifically chosen for its stability and its durability. The modified nature of the wood means that it will not bend, warp, swell, crack or move over time. When coupled with our Teknos paint system, it stops water ingress to prevent any rotting window frames.

The proof is in the results, independent testing in the Netherlands conducted a comprehensive paint test using Teknos on Accoya, which saw a superior coating in performance and adhesion during both wet and dry conditions. The Accoya wood is guaranteed for 50 years and the Teknos paint system means that the garden room will not need repainting for 12 years or more.


Q Why would I need to repaint my orangery?

A Many orangeries out there require regular repainting, which can be inconvenient and costly. Usually, the need to repaint is due to movement in the wood and joints, causing the paint to crack and if not treated quickly it will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the wooden framework. But our technology is different.

Our use of Accoya means your frames do not move or twist over time. Partnered with our cutting edge workshop technology, we can ensure that each joint is secured perfectly, with durability and a long lifespan in mind at every stage. The result is a finished piece of craftsmanship that stands the test of time.


Q How do I maintain the paint finish on my orangery?

A To help prolong the life of the paint and keep your orangery looking its best, we recommend a wash down twice a year to clear any destructive organisms.

Upon completion of your project you will have been provided with a small pot of touch up paint. In between repainting, if there are any areas which need retouching due to damage or joint movement use this paint to do so. This will ensure that excess water does not seep into the wood and cause damage. For any retouched areas you must also apply an end grain sealer on top of the paint.

Q How do I find out the colour of my orangery when it’s time to repaint?

A If you have a Westbury Orangery or garden Room the colour of your internal and external joinery will be listed at the back of your Care and Maintenance Pack. We also keep detailed records of every build so if you have misplaced your pack, please contact us and we can advise you of your paint colour.


Q How do I prepare my orangery for repainting?

A Before repainting wash down all joinery and leave to dry.  If you are planning on repainting your orangery the same colour, one coat, roller applied will be sufficient. However, if you are planning on changing the colour then you need to first apply a coat [or two] of a light colour, such as eggshell or satinwood, as a base.

Colin Wheatley  from Teknos advises ; “Our Teknos Brush Application Guide offers key advice when using water-based paints. Each application method and desired finish can differ for different products so this guide will give an overall summary of the main points to watch out for including the quality of your brush and the best temperature to paint in. I would recommend reading in full before starting your project.

Q Do I need to use the same type of paint to repaint my orangery?

A We would advise that you use Teknos paint to repaint your orangery.

To purchase Teknos paints to repaint your garden room contact your closest merchant: https://www.teknos.com/en-GB/professionals/teknos-gbi-stockists/


Q Who should I hire to repaint my orangey/ Will Westbury repaint my orangery?

A If you would like to repaint your Westbury orangery, please contact us via aftercare@westburygardenrooms.com

We can provide you with more detail or put you in touch with one of our approved and highly recommended painters to ensure that your orangery receives the best after care.


Q Can I change the colour of my orangery?

A Yes. The benefit of choosing a timber orangery or garden room is that you can change the colour when your tastes or trends change.

The garden room featured in this post has been painted 3 different colours over the last 15 years to keep up with the homeowners change in taste and the evolution of trends.

For example, in recent years we have seen a trend in darker paint colours becoming more popular. Previously these were a poor choice for timber products, as they would absorb the heat from sunlight and result in cracking and peeling. However, various Accoya experiments have used black paint, and the results show that Accoya is highly suitable for darker colours and shades, meaning that our clients can embrace a bolder, more dramatic look for their garden room.