Grey Parquet Flooring: The must-have flooring trend

Grey herringbone flooring

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Flooring should always be two things – timeless and stylish. An investment for any home, it’s important to make sure your decision ends up being the right one. Here’s a few of the most versatile – the ones that we’re certain will remain fashionable throughout this year and beyond, oozing style for your floor’s entire lifetime.

The key to great flooring? Take a classic style, and give it a modern twist with a contemporary colour and unique finish. Key trends for this year include reclaimed wood, hand-scraped finishes and blonde (naturally light woods such as oak) planks. But the biggest trend is definitely grey parquet flooring – thick width, herringbone parquet if we’re being really specific.

Close up of grey herringbone wooden flooring

You’ve probably noticed that grey has been ruling the interior world for quite some time now, and it’s certainly not leaving any tie soon. The shade is the alternative neutral, and lighter, cooler tones are a must-have for this year. Evoking a sense of calm and simplicity, grey flooring works particularly well with minimalistic and Scandinavian styles. It brings character and texture to a room in an unobtrusive way, blending seamlessly with almost any colour scheme.

We’re big fans of parquet flooring at Parquet Flooring, particularly with an ageless, herringbone pattern. Parquet flooring is all about geometry, and planks are arranged at various angles to create numerous patterns. It’s a traditional, upmarket style that adds dimension to a room. With its chic, angular design it’s no surprise this style is undergoing a modern revival.

Scandi light coloured wooden flooring

Herringbone is the ‘it’ pattern to lay your parquet flooring this year. The style is similar to chevron – think interlocking zig-zags without the pointed edge. It looks great in a range of colours too – grey is our favourite, but we love herringbone in blonde and darker woods too. Herringbone has an intricate, quirky arrangement and it’s been used for years, but we recommend using boards that are thicker in width to keep things fresh and up-to-date.

Grey herringbone flooring

Grey, thick-width parquet flooring is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and even garden rooms. The decorative design is meant to be noticed, so select rooms with plenty of light for maximum impact.

Most importantly, it’s vital to take some time to consider your chosen room’s layout before you decide on the floorboards’ width when installing parquet. Wide floor boards can create the illusion of a larger space, but it may be worth choosing a slightly narrower design if your chosen room is on the larger side. Oddly enough, wider boards can make large spaces appear smaller. Alternatively, mix things up and use a selection of narrow and wide boards in large rooms. You could make a border with narrow boards, then use wider floorboards to recreate your herringbone design. This technique breaks up a bigger space while adding texture and a unique charm.  

This is certainly the year for grey parquet flooring. Chic and contemporary, you can’t go wrong.