Garden Transformation: Valuable Pointers for Renovating Your Outdoor Space

This may be your first step on the road to your overall garden transformation. So, where should you start?

You may well have been to us for a garden room or orangery and then decided that you want your garden to complement your new room.

Many people might think about grass and greenery when it comes to their garden and give little consideration to other areas. But, if you are designing a garden that will work for you then you need to decide on all the various aspects to ensure a holistic and well-thought-out space that can be used for relaxing, entertaining and playing.

Fencing and boundaries

If your garden is particularly overlooked or set next to another property, making sure you have set boundaries is a must. For a more private space, you may decide on some tall fencing for the periphery of your space. You could opt for a standard and traditional wood, but this often needs a lot of upkeep and varnishing to keep it in tip-top condition. 

There are several alternatives out there which could leave your garden looking smart as well as being secure and weatherproof. Composite fencing is manufactured from 95% recycled materials so it is good for the planet too, as well as having a 20-year warranty. It doesn’t warp or splinter and is hardwearing in all weather conditions. 

Leave it to lawn

Your lawn is likely to be the largest surface area of your garden, but this does not mean it needs to be a square or rectangular space that is bordered by plants and has a patio at one end. Be adventurous! 

Embrace the curves. Not all gardens are built with right angles, so make the most of the unique shapes present in your natural surroundings and don’t try to regiment them.

If you have the capacity to do so, build up your garden so it is on different levels, or zone it into areas for specific uses. There is no reason why you can’t shield part of the garden with trees or create a secret garden lawn area. 

Maybe you want to leave some of it as a wildflower conservation area that doesn’t get mown, while other parts of the lawn are tended regularly. Or, perhaps you want to have your own fruit or vegetable patch to help you to live more sustainably.

Planting for posterity

Some plants and flowers work better together than others. Often cross-pollination can happen between species to keep your garden bursting and alive with colour. Whereas others may fight against each other and you will find their roots entangling and killing each other off. So, it is worth doing your research.

A garden centre will be able to offer you help and advice, and also assist you with what might grow best in the type of soil you have. Listen to the experts and let them guide you through the process and you will end up with a garden to be proud of.

Different heights of shrubs, plants, flowers and trees will also add interest to your garden, so it doesn’t look blocked and bland.

Paths and paving

Paths or stepping stones or any similar paved, gravel or woodchip route through your garden will help you not only navigate it easily but also to separate areas and designate them for specific purposes. Visually, a path through the garden is also appealing and persuades people to want to explore further.

If you have already had one of our garden rooms built, you will likely want a path leading up to it, rather than having to walk across wet or muddy grass and then transfer that to your garden room or home.  This may also be true of any space you have designed for socialising. The last thing your guests will want to do is tiptoe over the grass in their best shoes and outfits.

Water features

The soothing and positive mental effects of water are not to be underestimated. Alongside its visual appeal, Including a water feature in your garden will lift your mood and make your garden more enticing to all kinds of wildlife.

Whether you decide on a pond, a small rockery, a fountain or even a waterfall, whatever water feature you choose will boost the appearance of your outdoor space and help to do your bit for the environment.

However, you will have to keep it clean and it will need regular maintenance to ensure you aren’t left with a smelly stagnant pool of water that appeals to no one. So, do bear this in mind if you are considering any kind of water feature. You may also want to consider whether children will use the garden regularly, and how you will stop them from falling in.

Playing and socialising

If you have children within your family or friendship group, you may need somewhere for them to play in the garden. This could just be somewhere that is large enough to kick a football around, or you may decide to install a set of swings, a climbing frame or a trampoline. 

Depending on how big your garden is, keep this area separate from any socialising area, but still visible from it and the windows of your home, so you can keep an eye on what the children are up to.

Unless you have a garden room already set up as a party or socialising space, then a patio or decked area lends itself nicely to sitting out with a glass of something cold and firing up the barbecue with a few friends on a summer’s evening.

Alternatively, kick back and relax in the sunshine on a garden chair with a good book and soak up some rays in your own private garden haven. Situate your seating so you can have sunny or shady areas and can move them around to suit.

However you plan to use your garden and however green your fingers are, there are several ways to transform it without needing to go to a lot of effort or expense. Even if your garden isn’t in very good condition now, with a few tweaks and changes you can be left with a garden to be proud of.