Garden Room Colour Ideas

When it comes to painting the exterior of your garden room, choosing a shade that complements your property’s surroundings is guaranteed to elevate the look and feel of your new glazed extension

A pure white finish is a classic choice for the joinery of our orangeries and garden rooms. However, with our unique range of shades available to choose from, we like to see our clients embracing the opportunity to express their tastes through colour, and even have fun with it. Colour shouldn’t be something to feel cautious about – if approached with the right attitude, you can feel confident about opting for something a little more adventurous than classic white.

Black, for example, has always been a colour that people feel nervous about using on joinery. Traditionally, black paint would absorb more heat from sunlight, which caused the wood underneath to expand and cause unsightly cracks in the paintwork.

From a design perspective, black is a trendy colour that lends itself to a range of properties, from city homes to country residences, and as long as you use the right materials, peeling paint doesn’t have to be a concern for you. The key is to use the right kind of timber which won’t swell or move and avoid standard high street paint products.

Combining Teknos Paint with Accoya® Engineered Timber

The unique paint formulas we use today are from Teknos, a family-run company in Finland. Teknos paint systems are water-based and microporous, with extremely high levels of pigment, which ensures that the colour of your garden room won’t fade or dull down over time. We spray your joinery with three coats of this super high-performance paint before they leave our workshop, which is the equivalent to approximately twelve brush coats of paint. The water evaporates, leaving a highly protective barrier which has enhanced UV protection and protects the wood underneath from moisture.

Ensuring that your painted joinery lasts for a long time isn’t exclusive to merely using the right paint – it’s also essential to use a suitable timber, too. Few materials work in such perfect harmony as Teknos and Accoya®. Accoya® is a highly sustainable and durable engineered timber, which will not warp or swell over time. This revolutionary material is ideal for windows, doors and structural wood construction, and coating with Teknos paints not only gives a beautiful finish but also prolongs the service life of the timber and the coatings. Accoya® coated with Teknos has been tested over many years and found to be one of the most effective paint and wood combinations you can use for external joinery. You won’t need to worry about repainting your garden room for 12 years or more, no matter what colour you choose.

If black is not the colour for you, look at shades from mother nature’s palette, like mossy green or brown. Here are some of our top picks from our Westbury colour collection:

Westmorland Green

What could be better than organic and earthy green hues for a garden room? Westmorland Green is a fresh shade that effortlessly merges this timber orangery extension in Surrey with its leafy outdoor surroundings. We also matched this green shade on the fascia of the main property, running round to the side garage.

Westmorland Green is a highly versatile colour, working well with red brick properties and homes with a while or cream exterior, too. 


A warm, chocolate-brown shade – walnut brings a lot of depth and character to a room. Here, the owners of this beautiful orangery extension opted to use the shade for the internal joinery, making the space feel instantly welcoming and sophisticated. Walnut can work well when combined with neutral shades, such as stone and cream. It effortlessly creates a contemporary aesthetic, but it can also work well if you are trying to achieve a smart, retro aesthetic.

Roman Bronze

Roman Bronze is quickly becoming a popular colour, and when you see its ability to transform a room, it is hardly surprising. As you walk into this conservatory in the USA, you are immediately drawn to the dark painted joinery. This deep reddish-brown shade, named Roman Bronze, works perfectly with the warmth of the hexagon terracotta tiles. Roman Bronze will also suit greens and will look particularly striking when teamed with greys and neutral pink colours.

Inspired by our appreciation for the outside world, and the way that garden rooms and orangeries can help homeowners to feel a stronger connection with their gardens, our Westbury colour palette is both contemporary and contrasting. For more information about our range, and to discuss your extension project in more detail, feel free to contact us for expert advice.