Eva Baron creates new Earth Range for Alexander Joseph Lamps

Alexander Joseph Lamps have recently unveiled a new collection of contemporary cordless lamps designed by Eva Baron. The impressive Earth range consists of 14 lamps, and we adore their cutting-edge designs with unusual patinas!

Last year, Alexander Joseph Lamps – who we greatly admire for their innovation and ethical values – announced that they would be teaming up with emerging, up-and-coming designers to create all their 2020 cordless lamp collections. Their main intention is to promote the work of these talented designers, who share in revenues from sales. By collaborating with these fresh creatives, Alexander Joseph has broken the mold and produced an exciting collection of cordless lamps, unlike anything else on the market.

Actinium Square cordless lamps from the new Earth Range

Say farewell to unsightly cables and discover cordless lamps

Handmade to order by their specialist teams in Dorset, it goes without saying that the new ranges include the unique cordless technology that Alexander Joseph has become so well known for. With three to four weeks of use from a single charge, their floor and table lamps are ideal for larger open-plan living spaces (where one might position the furniture might in the middle of the room, for example) and superyachts.

These cordless lamps can be positioned anywhere throughout the home

Unlike other lamps with unsightly cables, you can display these lamps on glass console tables, bathroom sinks, shelving, or cocktail bars. You can place them anywhere you like and move them around your house or your garden, depending on your needs throughout the day. We think they are ideal for glazed extensions. If you’ve just invested in an exceptionally crafted timber orangery or garden room, the last thing you want to do is have unsightly cables running everywhere. Glass tabletops can look particularly striking in a sun-filled glazed extension, and cordless table lamps are perfect for a clean and minimal look. When the lithium-ion battery needs recharging, it will show a small red light, making it easy to know when the lamp needs plugging in. 

Light up side tables without unsightly cables ruining the aesthetic

Eva Baron Design and her Earth Collection

An exciting line-up of designers have collaborated with Alexander Joseph so far, including Rosie Ridgway of April Hamilton Design, DMark Concepts, and master glassblower Stuart Wiltshire of Stuart Wiltshire Glass. Earth is their latest range designed by Eva Baron of Eva Baron Design. Eva creates sophisticated interiors for high-end residential properties, and she also designs bespoke furniture and artwork. Her cutting-edge pieces embrace a contemporary style, taking inspiration from futuristic building forms and haute couture fashion design. Travelling and visits to museums greatly influence her work, and she always keeps to a carefully considered, simplistic aesthetic.

Designer Eva Baron – the creator behind the new Earth Range

Eva started her design practice after working within the superyacht interior design sector for RWD, and in the high-end residential market. Born and schooled near the Baltic Sea in Lithuania, at sixteen Eva’s parents were separately forced to seek work in other countries – leaving her to take care of her twelve-year-old sister. Eva moved on to study at art school, which helped her form an eye for composition. Then moving on to her local university, she graduated with a degree in interior design and architectural technology in 2008. Eva then went on to complete her education with a BA Honours degree in Interior Architecture at The Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.

Bringing a natural, raw aesthetic into your home

Eva is always highly selective and only chooses to work on projects that reflect her artistic vision. Her collection for Alexander Joseph highlights some of the more unusual materials our natural planet provides, including rough, smooth, warm, cold, and layered textures – just as you would expect from raw and organic elements.

Earthy tones and materials bring natural outdoor colours into the home. Rather than using typical polished materials, the Alexander Joseph team researched and tested ways in which metals, ceramics and silks could be distressed or altered to produce unusual patinas. Many of the lamps in the Earth range are created using unique techniques, with some hand-held tools manufactured especially for this collection. 

Announcing the product launch Alexander Joseph earlier this year, Managing Director Mark Robinson explains how Eva ended up designing more lamps than initially planned; “Eva is hugely talented and was an absolute pleasure to work with. We asked her to create a single range with four to five lamps. Eva produced two concepts with over twenty designs, and both were so good we struggled to choose between them. Eventually, we decided it would be an injustice to do so, so one collection became two. The second range, named Scribble, was launched in May. Eva’s designs have certainly challenged us, we are using materials and processes that are alien to lighting, but the results have been striking. We’ve been excited to see what customers make of the range; we believe the pieces are unique, and this is what our customers expect from us”.

Alexander Joseph also makes spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces and can create special customer commissions which represent around 40% of their revenues. For more information about Alexander Joseph and their exceptional cordless lamps, visit www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk or follow them on Instagram here.

Main image credit – Nikki Jones